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Most Commonly Restricted Dog Breeds

Your pup may be the apple of your eye, but your insurance company or landlord may consider Fido to be a huge liability. Dogs and insurance have been at odds for years and because of some bad claims situations, some insurance carriers and rental companies maintain lists of restricted breeds. The reason for these restrictions is that insurance companies don’t want to deal with a potential issue if someone gets hurt by your dog while in your home. The rules and restrictions will vary from company to company, but these breeds are the most commonly restricted or rejected.

1. Pit Bulls

2. Doberman Pinschers

3. Rottweilers

4. German Shepherds

5. Chow Chow

6. Great Danes

7. Presa Canarios

8. Akitas

9. Alaskan Malamutes

10. Siberian Huskies

11. Wolf-hybrids

12. Cane Corsos

Top 5 Safest Places in Georgia

Motovo Real Estate recently complied a list of the safest places to live in Georgia. They looked at areas with a population over 100,000 and collected data from the 2012 FBI Uniform Crime Report. The crimes were divided into four categories – murders, violent crimes, property crimes and total crimes. Motovo sorted through 73 of Georgia’s cities to find the lowest crime rates. So, whether you’re looking to relocate or just curious about your current area, this list of Georgia’s safest areas is a great reference.

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Georgia Weekend Getaways: Helen

Looking to escape the city for a weekend? Look no further, we have the answer! Just 2 hours north of Atlanta, you’ll find the German-inspired mountain town of Helen, Ga. These are just a few of our favorite things about Helen, so get some ideas and head out on your own weekend getaway!


Downtown Helen

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Terrible Real Estate Pictures

‘Terrible Real Estate Pictures’ is a collection of the worst of the worst when it comes to showcasing properties. They are inexplicably bad property photos that include everything from unusual features to overgrown yards that must make selling the home extremely tough.


The seller was in a rush. He didn’t have time to wait for the dog.

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Over-the-Top Property of the Week: Atlanta’s Finest Estate

This weeks property has been called ‘one of, if not the finest gated estate to become available in Atlanta.’ The title may seem a little farfetched until you see photos of the impeccable gardens and equally as impressive house. Spanning 8.2 acres, the immaculate landscape, ponds, waterfalls, gazebos, fountains, and delightful koi fish look like something out of a dream. A putting green, swimming pool, tennis courts, pool house with outdoor bar and hot tub are also spread around the property.


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8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters, whether you’re trying to sell your home or you’re just vying for that coveted Yard of the Month award. If your home has unkempt landscaping, peeling paint or missing shingles, then you may need to make some repairs to add curb appeal. The good news is that enhancing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With these budget-friendly renovations, you can makeover your home’s exterior to create a finished exterior look you can truly be proud of.

     BP_CRB2602H_before-Mcgregor-house_4x3_lg BP_CRB2602H_after-Mcgregor-house_4x3_lg

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Top 10 Metro Atlanta Farmers Markets

Summer is here and that means many local favorite farmers markets in Atlanta are open for business. Shopping at the farmers market is not only a great way to help promote sustainable farms and local businesses, but it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon with family or friends. Fortunately, here in the Atlanta metro area we have several great markets to choose from. Here are our picks for the top 10 markets in the metro area.


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Atlanta Named 8th Most Walkable City

Atlanta may be one of the largest urban sprawls, but it was recently ranked the 8th most walkable city in a study conducted by researchers at George Washington University and LOCUS, a development group linked to Smart Growth America. Rather than assessing each city as a whole, researchers identified walkable areas in the metro regions, which they called “WalkUPs”. They found 588 total WalkUPs in the U.S.’s 30 largest metro areas, and of those, 27  WalkUPs are located in metro Atlanta.


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Terrible Real Estate Pictures

‘Terrible Real Estate Pictures’ is a collection of the worst of the worst when it comes to showcasing properties. They are inexplicably bad property photos that include everything from strange furnishings to unexpected house guests that must make selling the home extremely tough.


The real estate agent said he heard this was a great property.

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