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10 Summer Cleaning Tips

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The kids have been home for about a month now and you’re starting to wonder how people only ever really focus on spring cleaning, what about summer cleaning? And midsummer cleaning? And weekly summer cleaning? If you’re beginning to wonder if your house will make it through this last month of summer break, it’s time to take the reins and get to work with these great summer cleaning tips!

1. Put the Kids to Work (if you have them)

We are starting out strong with this tip because it is so important. You may have tried to implement this in the past, but it’s worth revisiting. Not only will this give you some extra hands to help with cleaning, but it will teach them the value of keeping things clean. Since they don’t have any school work to worry about, give each child a specific job to do once a week or once a day.

2. Wash Your Washing Machine

Well you can’t really begin cleaning if the tools you use to clean are also dirty. Your washing machine may have begun to smell at this point due to the high levels of humidity and daily load of bathing suits and sweaty clothes. Run an empty load with hot water and your detergent to help with the smell. This is great trick to ensure that your clothes are being cleaned well.

3. All Up in Your Grill 

Between all the summer barbecues and cookouts, there is potential for your grill to get EXTRA grimy. Yuck. The best time to clean your grill is right after you use it so use a wire brush to wipe down the grates while they are still hot.

4. Shady Lamp Shades

You may love to leave some doors and windows open on beautiful days during the summer, but this has the potential to let bugs in. They are especially attracted to light and if you check underneath and on top of some of your lamp shades, you may find some dead bugs that you definitely don’t remember inviting inside. So check your lamp shades regularly during the summer and wipe them down!

5. When In The Shower

Keep a window open or turn the fan on. Added summer humidity plus shower steam is the perfect recipe for mold (ew).

6. Shoo the Shoes

Make a “No shoes in the house” rule. Invest in a shoe rack and put it outside the most frequently entered door of your house. This will absolutely help to cut down on dirt, sand, and grass getting tracked in the house.

7. Clean the Trash Cans

Seems counterproductive but with the summer heat, you can accumulate some funky smells (especially in the kitchen). So summer is a great time to give the trash cans a wipe down. To keep the trash cans from smelling, it is also helpful to pour some baking soda at the bottom of the trash can, or put newspaper in the bottom of the trash bag to soak up any odors or liquids.

8. Coaster Catastrophe

If your child or your significant other has a real problem with remembering the importance of coasters, this tip is for you. To get rid of water rings, you can use a blow dryer, hold it close to the water ring on the table, and then use olive oil to recondition wood if need be!

9. Care For your Swimwear

With all the pool and beach trips, it’s easy for laundry to get pretty backed up and for dirty swimsuits to just sit in the hamper for a few days. However, it will keep your swimsuits as good as new if you rinse them in water right after wearing them!

10. Lemons Are Your Friend

On top of leaving a fun, refreshing smell behind, lemons are your friend when it comes to cleaning. If you have half a lemon leftover from dinner, you can use it to wipe down stainless steel appliances and faucets. You can also use lemon to eliminate any heinous smells that have been lingering in your microwave. Slice a lemon, put it in a bowl of water, and microwave it on high for three minutes then leave the bowl of lemons in the microwave for another three minutes to eliminate any smells that have been left behind.

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