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10 Ways to Sell Your Home with Twitter

Posted on 01, June 2009 by csadmin

Clickscape is new to Twitter and thus by no means an expert, but we recognize the importance of it in the social media arena as well as the home selling process. Twitter is another great tool to extend a seller's reach to help sell their home. It's a meaningful way to participate in the community and have a voice about your home. Just as important (especially to those who are unfamiliar with Twitter), it's exceedingly easy to use. There are no rules, but there are certainly avenues that will more readily lead to your success with tweeting. Here's what I've learned thus far and how you could apply it to work for you:

1. Link it up:  If your tweet doesn't include a link and buyers have to search for it on their own---That's work. People have enough things to do and enough homes on the market to see than to waste time tracking down yours. Don't create friction for those who are interested; Make it easy for people to see it. Have a link in your tweet that takes buyers to a dedicated website ( about your home.

2. Use pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words and can do the heavy-lifting in marketing your home. Since Twitter is a micro-blogging service and limits you to 140-characters for each tweet, using a picture can sometimes do the job of 50 non-pic tweets. Use Twitpic or Twitgoo to send out compelling pictures of your home. The pictures shouldn't be the standard straight-on mug shot of the front of the house. As Seth Godin reminds us, make it "remarkable" so that people want to remark about it and will pass it along to their network.

3. Don't hard sell: Don't stalk followers/buyers. Provide value. Connect with buyers and engage with content about your home, your area, and your neighborhood that is interesting and valuable to them. Help those who are looking for that content to find it, but don't hard sell. It won't work. Twitter is opt-in so if you spam your followers will simply stop following you and tune you out.

4. Send it out to your followers:  If you have a Twitter account already and a community following, it's time to ask for their help. There is a strong sense of community for those who treat it the right way and Twitterers want to help others out especially if you are participating. If your content is really compelling, you also have the possibility of your tweet being retweeted by one or more of your followers. What that means is your tweet to 10 or so people has the possibility of reaching thousands. That's many more eyeballs on your listing---Very powerful stuff. 

5. Tweet open house times: If an Open House happens and no one attends it, does it make a noise? Open house times can be difficult to advertise, but Twitter gives a seller a great platform for getting these details out to buyers.

6. Connect with those who want to be connected: Use any of the multitude of Twitter tools to find users in the Atlanta-area who may want to know about your home and your neighborhood. Use tools with keywords searches and look for "Atlanta", "Alpharetta", "Cumming", "Roswell", "Marietta", or "Insert your city here" and "real estate" or "home for sale". You can see who's talking about those keywords and check out their bios. Your tweets have the best chance of being of interest to them. Engage them and see. 

7. Talk honestly about your home: Tell people why you love your home, the features, and all the benefits. Be creative. Talk about the neighborhood and all the amenities. Speak from the perspective of your home. Tweet about nearby events. Facts and figures are great, but buying a home is still very much an emotionally-charged transaction so appeal to the emotions and the senses of prospective buyers too.

8. Have your broker tweet it out: If you are using a real estate agent to sell your home, make sure they are using their account to tweet out information on your listing. If your agent/broker is not using Twitter, you might want to considering asking them why they aren't; then ask yourself if you think they are doing everything they can to sell your home. Should they be ignoring millions of Twitter users?

9. It's a conversation, not advertising: Get opinions on your home, your dedicated home website, and the pricing of your home via Twitter. You'll find that Twitterers are very a good way!

10. Give instant updates about your listing: Have new updates about your home? Price reductions? Offers? New pictures? New features? All of this is good information for prospective buyers to have and Twitter is a great way to instantly get those updates to them.

There you have it. The biggest takeaway from Twitter is it will give back to you what you put into it. Go in with the right attitude, join the conversation, engage people, and potentially reach thousands which could be the just the exposure you need to sell your home.

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