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2011's most over-the-top properties, continued

Posted on 30, December 2011 by csadmin

Today we continue our look at 2011’s most over-the-top properties.  Cheers!


At this point we were all ready for some cooling refreshment, so we decided to feature the metro’s finest swimming pools.  If you’re going to build an opulent home you’d better be sure the pool doesn’t look like an afterthought; these $4M+ watering holes didn’t disappoint.

Status: A bit chilly this time of year


The most over-the-top home during this month was actually filed under our Proppportunist feature, which is the celebrity-flavored version of OTTP.  The famous seller was none other than Kenny Rogers.  He was responsible for the interior design of this Valley Road manor, and by the looks of it the way into his heart is a mixture of faux finish, houseplants, and overstuffed upholstery.

Status: Sold for $3.725M


September’s most memorable property wasn’t insanely expensive, but it was insanely unique.  The loft in South Downtown’s historic Hotel Row was decorated in perfectly eccentric splendor with books to the ceiling and chandeliers hung from its oversized ceilings.  Not to mention the asking price had been cut in half!

Status: Short sale priced at $199,900 (!)


We searched for an appropriately spooky property in October, and boy did we find a good one!  The 1918 Tennessee home not only mirrored the architecture of the “Amityville Horror” house, it also matched its waterfront siting.  And the similarities didn’t end there...creepy!

Status:  Listing active at $449,900


Gorgeous Charleston, S.C. listings were added to our website in this month, providing us with a whole city full of stunning real estate eye candy.  And there wasn’t a property out there that could match the extravagance (or price tag) of the Sword Gate House.  1808 architecture merged with all the modern gizmos created an opulent setting for living the good life South of Broad.

Status:  Listing active at $23M


The year’s final OTTP had visions of over-the-top holiday parties dancing in our heads.   There would certainly be enough space to do some outsized decorating.  Maybe Kenny Rogers would be right for the job?  And if the owners couldn’t sell, maybe they would consider renting it out to “Real Housewife.”  I can see one of them being pushed in the pool during a brawl right now.

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