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Atlanta's Very Own Haunted Mansion – 3816 Turnberry Ct

With it being Halloween week, our Over-the-Top Property is appropriately a replica of Disney’s very own Haunted Mansion – 3816 Turnberry Ct, Duluth, GA 30096. While listed by a real estate broker, this big ticket item is also listed on ebay with a Buy It Now price of $873,000. With 4 hours remaining in the bidding, 54 offers have been made through ebay – all declined.

So how much hauntedness does almost $900k get you? I’m glad you asked.

  •  7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms across 10,008 square feet
  • Designed and owned by Mark Hurt (Former Disney Contractor) – built in 1996 in the gated community of Sweet Bottom Plantation (“That’s a sweet ass house”)
  • Used the same foundry that Walt Disney used to make the iron details of the original Haunted Mansion
  • Specially themed 1st floor bathroom complete with animated ghost scene. (What commode is complete without one?)
  • 2 story library
  • 1,100 square foot cypress wood roof deck
  • 2nd floor front terrace
  • Not actually haunted.

Check out the entire video tour.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Haunted Mansions. How does this Duluth GA version stack up?



  • Lisa

    Did the ever sell the house?