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A Downtown Nashville Loft Near Sordid, Fun Printers Alley

Posted on 03, October 2011 by csadmin

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I've been mildly obsessed with this downtown Nashville loft ever since I laid virtual eyes on it.  What is it about arched windows that makes people go gaga?  Maybe it's an innate thing, since psychologists say humans always look for signs of a face.  I know I can't look at a power outlet without seeing two little surprised guys.

Anyway, the loft's got more going on for it than a great pair of arches.  Period materials abound, like the exposed brick, salvaged Brazilian pine floors, and tall ceilings covered in white beadboard.  There might be only one bedroom, but it has quite the dramatic entrance.  One enters through some smashing carved pocket doors that proudly display their patinaed surfaces.  The ornate (Indonesian?) styling contrasts beautifully with the sleek modern kitchen, which is outfitted with concrete countertops and super dark cabinetry.  The bathroom is an example of why people love older buildings: it's odd.  The raised shower/tub is tucked behind half a wall, and the shower head is ceiling mounted.  Ooh la la!

The unit's surroundings complement its unique character, being located in a corner of downtown know as Printers Alley.  It's one of those Nashville side streets that's so far escaped urban Disneyfication, with a sleaze factor that's you'll either love or hate.  The name's derived from the fact that Nashville's once thriving publishing industry was centered here.  The moniker stuck around though the businesses have changed; the area gained notoriety for serving up adult libations during a time when on premise liquor consumption was illegal in Tennessee.  The party continues with a smattering of music joints and, ahem, clothing optional dance venues.  For someone desiring the opposite of suburban beige, Printers Alley makes for a very colorful address.

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