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5 Alternatives to Your Desk Chair

Whether you’re designing your work space at home or your desk at the office, finding the right environment and atmosphere for you is key when it comes time to focus, be productive, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The hard reality is, however, even if you’re eating an organic lunch, drinking plenty of water, and working out everyday, sitting for six or more hours per day is just not good for you, especially when you’re crunched over your keyboard. You may want to get that beautiful chair that goes perfectly with your home office, but when it comes time to work, do your body a favor and invest in something that will improve (or maintain) your health. Because we value your time and don’t want you to endure physical therapy for reasons you can prevent, we’ve gathered the best alternatives to having a traditional desk chair.
5 Alternatives to your desk chair

Balance Ball Chair: Leave your exercise ball at home and say hello to your dream chair. Not only does this ingenious idea have a exercise ball built into the frame of a chair, but it is one of the most inexpensive alternatives on the market (starting around $47). With its ergonomic appeal, you will feel so much better at work that you may even be tempted to break out and do some crunches. Don’t forget, however, that you are strengthening your core just by sitting in this contraption, and it provides spinal alignment with back support. Chances are, you’ll want this for every desk, table, and counter top in your home after using it at work.

The Kneeling Chair: Though it looks and sounds uncomfortable, sitting in this chair forces the angle of your lower body to widen and open, keeping the spine in alignment and natural balance line to form, fostering healthy posture. Don’t worry, your knees won’t be holding up your entire body, and there’s a good chance your mid afternoon lull and backache will disappear.

Saddle Seat: Who knew horseback riding could be one of the healthiest postures? This saddle seat provides numerous health benefits including: helping improve leg circulation, reducing foot swelling, refining your balance, sharpening hand strength, and increasing your mobility. From an appearance standpoint, this may not be the most beautiful piece of furniture around, but it is very easy to slide under your desk both at home and in the office.

Standing Desk: Instead of telling you all of the dangers that come with sitting at your desk for 8+ hours each day, let’s talk about the standing desk- it’s really all the rage! Stretch your legs, change your scenery, and stimulate your brain. Doctors have found that adding some time on your feet throughout the work day can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many types of cancer.

Treadmill Desk: For all of you health nuts that wake up long before the sun or try to squeeze in a workout before bedtime, look no further! Your work schedule no longer has to determine your workout routine. Though this is definitely not made for a suit and tie day, we aren’t asking you to walk a half marathon or set any records. Walking at just 1 or 2 miles per hour not only boosts your productivity but also allows you type and talk without huffing and puffing or interfering with your deadlines. While this is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, if it’s within your means or if you tend to work from home a lot, this investment (plus your health and efficiency) is definitely worth it.

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