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5 Easy Flips to Get Your Home Ready to List

If you're preparing to sell your home and want to sell it quickly and boost its sale price, there are some smaller home repairs and renovations that help improve your home’s look without compromising your budget or time frame.

The best way to make sense of it all is to know your market, understand what can and cannot be cost-effectively remedied and recognize when it’s time to reflect turnoffs in a home price.

Understanding what homebuyers do not want is as important as knowing what they do want. Some of yesterday’s “maybe” are todays “no way,” and other sale blockers are market-specific.  Here are some home repairs that are a must to sell your home quickly and get your home sold for the price you want.

Unanimous disapproval

Foul odors, serious clutter, extreme personal decorating, both inside and out, can be an immediate disapproval regardless of location. Luckily, the fixes most likely to hasten a sale are among the least expensive:

  • A fresh coat of paint inside and out remedies shabbiness and extreme personal design choices, such as bright-colored walls or distinct wallpaper
  • Uncluttering creates a more spacious appearance.
  • Professional floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning rids the home of filth and pet odors
  • New hardware on kitchen cabinets and swapping out a laminate countertop with granite freshens up a high-functioning yet older kitchen.
  • New light fixtures brighten up rooms and often make them feel larger.

Possibly a little more expensive, but well worth the pay off, here are some more small renovation project that will make buyers fall in love with your home:


Wall to wall carpeting has gone from “we can live with it for a while” to “let’s keep looking!”  across generations, today’s home-buyers want hardwood floors.  Remove outdated carpets and replace them with either laminate, hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles. Buyers are often specifically looking for updated flooring when they evaluate a potential home.


Popcorn acoustic ceilings although popular in the ‘60s are a deal breaker today.


An outdated or dingy bathroom may be a turnoff to prospective buyers. If you have the time and know how, there’s a lot you can do to help renew your bathroom without spending a fortune. Instead of a going for a complete remodel, consider a few DIY projects like repainting the walls, replacing light fixtures, installing a new sink, refinishing your cabinets and drawers or upgrading to a new toilet.

Curb Appeal

Poor curb appeal is also one of the least expensive fixes before listing. Cutting down overgrown landscape, adding a fresh coat of paint on the front door and getting rid of dead plants and debris. A first impression can make or break a potential buyers experience.

Fixtures and hardware

Replace outdated doorknobs and handles on all doors, entrances and exits, cabinet hardware, bathroom fixtures, and lighting fixtures. This is an easy and fairly inexpensive fix that can offer a nice return on investment.


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