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5 Exhibits You Must See This Summer

Whether you’re trying to get the kids out of the house on a rainy day, you’re attempting to escape the unbearable heat of Hotlanta, or you just happen to be a sponge for knowledge, Atlanta’s many museums provide a great way to learn more about the history, culture, and advancements of this city. Because we love our Atlanta dearly and want you to experience everything these places (the High Museum, MODA, Fernbank, Atlanta History Center, just to name a few) have to offer, we’ve made you a list of the must see exhibits this summer that cover a variety of interests for everybody. And, if you take a museum lover and end up waiting hours and hours for them to be ready to leave, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture: If you’re into the latest Yeezy Boost, Stan Smiths, or platform sneakers, mark your calendar for August 14. You have until then to go to the High Museum of Art and walk through the history of the social significance and cultural impact sneaker trends have on society. Not only will you be able to explain who and what shapes the innovations and campaigns of this industry, but you will also be able to see vintage collections of Nike, Reebok, Bobbito Garcia, Kanye West, and others from the Bata Shoe Museum.

Gatheround: Stories of Atlanta: Whether you are new to the city or have been a proud native for years, The Atlanta History Center will make you fall in love with Atlanta place all over again. If you’re hungry for knowledge and want to learn about the leaders, events, and policies that influenced our city in the past and want to help grow the vision of Atlanta’s future, this exhibit is a great way to understand different perspectives and changes.

On You: Wearing Technology: Fashion meets technology at the Museum of Design Atlanta this summer, brought to you by Georgia Tech’s Wearable Computing Center. Where and when did fashion and computers intersect? What kind of technology are you wearing? Not only will you get the opportunity to see advanced fashion pieces that aren’t on the market yet, but you will also be able to hear personal stories of those who have experienced the challenges of creating and wearing such future trends. Regardless if tech makes your heart skips a beat (we can't all be Yellow Jackets) or you cannot figure out how to work an iPhone, check this exhibit out.

Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bio-luminescence: If you enjoy reminiscing on childhood memories from visiting the aquarium or zoo, Fernbank’s latest featured exhibit on bio luminescence will be right up your alley. Learn the science behind light producing creatures, from fireflies to mysterious fish deep down in the sea, from how they do it to why they do it, and the fascination behind researchers’ lens. If you want to get into this exhibit for free, spend the afternoon looking at Fernbank’s many other attractions as well!

Atlanta Bike Expo: Don’t worry, we’ve got your athletic interests covered too. Save the date, July 16-17, for the first and largest bicycle consumer exhibit in Georgia. Whether you mountain bike, ride for fun, are a professional, into BMX, or haven’t biked since you were 5, this convention will give you insight about cycling clubs, consumer trends, cycling destinations, advocacy groups, and much more than you thought existed in the cycling world.

If you're just not into museums, we won't judge you! Start looking for your dream home today.

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