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5 Reasons to List Your Home in the Winter

Winter is a great time in Atlanta - mild weather, plenty of activities, and tons of holiday shopping. It's also the best time to sell your home. You may think the spring is the best time to sell your Atlanta home, but you might be surprised by all the benefits of listing your home during the winter. See our 5 Reason to List Your Home in the Winter below.

1- Low inventory:

Peak selling season beings in March and goes through July. Most sellers are aware of this and believe that listing their house in those months means there will be a plethora of buyers which leads to a quick sell. But, because of this belief, the market can be saturated with listings, which means less attention for yours. The Atlanta Realtor's Association's market brief shows that in June 2016 there were 5,848 in the Atlanta market compared to 3,665 new listings in November. This means more buyers eyes for your home.

2- Price Point:

The lack of inventory in the winter means that you are more likely to get asking price (or above) for your listed home. Realtors across Atlanta are reporting many instances of bidding wars, and in some cases, listings are going for as high as 106% of the asking price. That means more money in your pocket, and who doesn't want that?

3- Serious Buyers:  

Searching for homes can be trying but can be especially awful during the winter months. Cold, rainy weather combined with holiday traffic eliminates some of the looky-loos who are invasive and time-wasting. Having a home that is on the market often means living in quarters that are staged, and having to vacate quickly if a buyer wants to view the property. The hardships of viewing houses in the winter months probably means fewer viewings of your home, but consider that a blessing. Buyers who are willing to brave the elements and traffic are more likely to be serious

4- Relaxed Realtors: 

Realtors are usually slammed in the Spring. Chances are your Realtor is working with multiple buyers and has several listings at any given time. Take advantage of the fact that your Realtor is likely less busy in the winter months, and can devote more of their time to getting eyes on your listing.

5- Curb Appeal: 

If you are listing around the holidays, buyers would love to see your neighborhood in all its Christmas-lit glory. Colder months also mean that less lawn care is needed to make your home look polished, which saves you money and effort. Winter is also an amazing time to show off the cold weather efficiency of your home.

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