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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean

Keeping the house clean can be a challenge for everybody, not just those whose home is on the market. Let’s be real. You barely have enough time in the morning to make a cup of coffee before you hit the road, let alone, to make your bed. Whether you work long hours, commute daily, or have a house full of highly energetic rugrats running around, there simply are not enough hours in the day to set aside an entire 60 minute window for straightening up. And, even on the days you have off or have a few hours to play catch up, doing chores around the house is simply not the most exciting thing to look forward to. If you stick to these 5 simple ways to keep your house clean daily, however, there will be no need to have an entire day devoted to cleaning and organizing or any poor attitudes.

5 Simple ways to keep your home clean

The Sink: Repeat after me: Do not leave dishes in the sink unless the dishwasher is running. Loading the dishwasher may be the last thing you want to do after preparing and cooking dinner, but you most definitely won’t want to after binge watching Game of Thrones later that evening. If you’re rinsing dishes and the dishwasher is done, unload and reload. If the dishwasher is still working its magic, hand wash the dishes and either dry them with a dish towel or neatly organize them in the sink until the dishwasher is ready.
The Bathroom: You want to know the secret to having a shiny and spotless bathroom? Don’t leave the house with your makeup stains on the counter, curling iron plugged in, and toothpaste residue in the sink. Simply keep a container of Clorox wipes underneath the sink and work them into your morning routine.
The Mail: As soon as you collect the mail, sort it into different piles according to bills, personal, junk mail, etc. Not only does stacked, unopened mail just scream clutter and an unorganized lifestyle, but it also can cause you to pay your phone bill a week late or open a “Happy Holidays” card in July. Whether you need a kitchen drawer devoted to stashing junk magazines or you automatically throw them away, be sure to have a method for checking, opening, and throwing away everything from Papa Johns coupons to your bank statements.
The Floors: If you don’t want to be grossed out at the amount of dust, pet hair, and crumbs that end up in your dustpan, sweep your floors regularly- kitchen, hallway, and living area. This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes before you run out the door but doing so regularly will dramatically increase the cleanliness of your house.
Your Shoes: With so many places to hide or put away your shoes, there is no reason why they should be laying on your living room rug, under your kitchen table, or stacked up by your side door. Whether you put them on a shoe rack in the garage, line them up in the closet, or leave them on the back porch (for taking the dog out), keep your shoes out of sight in your house on a daily basis. Not only do shoes have the magic power of multiplying when they start hanging out in the kitchen, but they also tend to separate and hide at the one moment you most need them.

We know there are days when you wake up 5 minutes before you are supposed to leave, you just want to put your feet up on the couch, or your day’s plans are suddenly thrown out the window. We understand. When these 5 tips are implemented into your daily routine, however, one day of chaotic events won’t make your house look like your closet and kitchen (and everything in between) exploded.

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