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Pros and Condos - 6 Reasons Why You’ll Hate Condominiums

Posted on 12, October 2012 by csadmin

Photo courtesy of Seattle PI Blog

Condo? More like Con-don’t think so!

Here are 6 reasons why you’ll hate living in an condominium.

  1. Like an Alcatraz cell, but smaller - Living in a box is not fun. Living in a box with another person is even less fun. And if there happens to be a kid involved too? Straight up torture.
  2. No room for your junk- You might get a unit that comes with a storage room, but with smaller closets, no attic, and no basement, there’s no place to adequately store all your ceramic Siamese cat figurines.
  3. They are Anti-Freedom - Condos are typically ruled with an iron fist; Joseph Stalin was a pushover compared to your new Condo Board. Here’s a few things that a Condominium complex may not allow - home-based businesses, pets, the ability to rent out your unit, or civil liberties. Well, the last one is a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea.
  4. Prepare to be pasty- If you have a greenthumb, enjoy taking in a sunset in your backyard, or have any desire to frolick, then you’re out of luck. With little to no outdoor space, you’ll be spending more time indoors than Boo Radley.
  5. Good luck selling it - I don’t recall much from Econ 101, but I do remember a little something called supply and demand. Since units are very similar, the ease of selling depends almost strictly on supply. If there are only a couple of available units on the market, then you’re in luck. If there are many units on the market, then prepare to take a sizable haircut to get your unit sold.
  6. Parking is a pain - There’s a good chance that a condo will either have 1) only street parking 2) a parking lot with 1 assigned spot 3)  a parking garage with 1 assigned spot. It’s pretty rare to get a condo that has 2 assigned spots so if your family has 2 cars or you intend on having frequent visitors, you can count on parking to be a huge pain in the asphalt.

Think I’m wrong? Think condos are better than houses? Let me know why.

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