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A Few Dogwood Festival Pointers

Posted on 18, April 2012 by csadmin

The Dogwood Festival is being held in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park this weekend (April 20-22), and assuming that someone performs an effective rain dance, it should be an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Seeing as how the event has been in existence since 1936, it’s safe to say most Atlantans have at least been once or twice. We’ve been around the block, and even though the DF tries to shake it up every year (remember the Lenox parking lot disaster?), you can always count on a few things: varying levels of artistic aptitude, lots of strollers, and disc dogs with way more agility than you’ll ever have. Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

  • Traffic: There’s a word you don’t usually associate with Atlanta, right? The Dogwood Festival attracts a lot of folks, and most of them arrive in cars/SUVs that could moonlight as army tanks. All those vehicles have to park somewhere and that’s where the conflict arises. Be part of the solution and take MARTA; the nearest train station is only four blocks from the park.
  • Perturbed Midtown residents: Mostly due to the parking issues, the Dogwood Festival inspires a certain level of exasperation from Midtown folks, especially those living in the neighborhood just south of 10th Street where many people attempt parking. Get karma points and be mindful of those for whom the park is a backyard. Trashcans are there for a reason.
  • Forbidden items: Don’t forget what’s not allowed in the festival - namely, dogs and outside food and beverages. Trust us, we’ve tried. You will get busted. Sorry poochies!

  • Festival Food: Why would you want to bring in your own food anyway? Festivals are the best for guilty pleasures that tempt you with their sinfully wafting scents! Corn dogs, crab cakes, gyros, frozen concoctions and more; excuse us while we have a Homer Simpson moment. Those on a diet: you’ve been warned.
  • Stroller Congestion: We’re not saying leave the kids with a babysitter. But maybe trying on one of those modern papoose contraptions wouldn’t hurt. There’s a way to burn off some funnel cake calories! If you’re going to bring a stroller, be mindful of its position and don’t be the cause of art peruser back ups.
  • New park features: If it’s been a while since you’ve been to Piedmont, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the recent progress made by the Piedmont Park Conservancy. When the expansion’s completed, the usable greenspace will have been increased by 40%! Check out the new dog parks, the Legacy Fountain, the art under the Park Drive bridge, and the new wetland trail. Is it any wonder Atlantans love their park so much?

See you there!

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