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All About the Atlanta Braves New Stadium

CHOP CHOP CHOP…. Move over Turner Field, the Atlanta Braves have a new home and it’s turning heads. The long anticipated new Braves stadium is here and is the perfect outing for summer. Although fans were skeptical about leaving Turner Field, SunTrust Park is the new hotspot in Atlanta and that will not be changing anytime soon.

The brand new stadium has restaurants, shops, kids areas and an amazing view of the city. You can leave your seats and go grab a bite to eat at food stands including, Chick Fil A, Waffle House, Coors Chop House, H&F burger and more. No matter where you are in the stadium you always have a great view of the game. SunTrust Park also has plenty of entertainment for when your kids are hyped up on cotton candy and soda. The kid’s area features a zip line, carnival games, and a rock wall.

The inspiration behind the new stadium was to give fans a spot to hangout before and after the games. A Braves’ fan leaving Turner Field had to drive or take a transit just to find something to eat. There was no economic development surrounding Turner Field. That is certainly not the case with SunTrust Park.

The surrounding area called “The Battery” has everything you need. The come-early and stay-late behavior at The Battery created the scene Braves officials have dreamed of since before they first announced plans for the new ballpark. The Battery also has new apartments that will attract baseball fans around the city. The developers have redefined the experience of going to a Braves game. So grab an ice-cold Coca Cola, a hot dog and cross your fingers that the Braves have a winning season. Check out Clickscape for more reasons to love Atlanta or find your next home!

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