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Amazon Launches Their Own Plant Shop

Amazon is doing the most. The e-commerce giant is taking over and other companies should (and probably are) shaking in their boots. I guess buying Whole Foods wasn’t enough for Amazon because they are ending 2017 by launching their own plant shop.

This is sure to be another success for Amazon because millennial's have an unhealthy obsession with indoor plants, not to mention, these plants are affordable. You can purchase a fiddle-leaf fig, palm plant, and succulents for $30 or less.

Amazon is now your one-stop shop for all of your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. Previously, you could purchase live plants through other vendors on Amazon, but now the process is totally streamlined and of course, it's all available on Prime.

Here are some of our favorite plants you can shop on Amazon:

Snake Plant, $29.16








Madagascar Dragon Tree, $25.13










Majesty Palm, $22.31









Fiddle-Leaf Fig, $29.97









Collection of 12 Succulents, $29.99







Looking for a new home to house these awesome plants? Click here to find your next home.


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