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3 Quick Atlanta Falcons Facts

We love just about everything Atlanta-related, but even the biggest Atlanta fans have to admit that sometimes sports here can break your heart. Not this year! As the Falcons are headed to Houston for the Superbowl, we realized we needed to brush up on our Falcons trivia before Sunday. Here are 3 Quick Atlanta Falcons Facts so you can be the most knowledgeable fan at the Super Bowl party. Rise up!

1- Arthur Blank is the current owner of the Falcons, and is also the founder of Home Depot. Arthur took on the ultimate fixer-upper project in the Falcons with the purchase of the Falcons in 2002. He's been known to really move mountains for his Falcons, most recently footing the bill for the entire Falcon's staff (a number in the hundreds) to attend the game in Houston, but also convincing Pace Academy to cancel school the Monday after the game.

2-  Not only will Atlanta be hosting the 2019 Super Bowl, and the price tag of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is somewhere around 1.6 billion dollars. If construction takes longer than anticipated, the Falcons may have to look into playing at the University of Georgia or Georgia Tech, as the Georgia Dome will have its last event March 2017 and is scheduled to be demolished in July of 2017. Although the space will turn into parking and a hotel necessary for the new stadium, we sure will miss the home of two Superbowls, three Final Four’s, and the 1996 Olympic Basketball and Gymnastics.

3- The Falcons have seen some good years, but this year could set a very important first. Since the franchise establishment in 1965, the Falcons have won the division championship six times and made one Super Bowl appearance in 1998, where they were defeated by the Denver Broncos. A win for the Falcons this Sunday would be the first for the franchise.

Bonus: Samuel L Jackson is a huge Falcons fan and has even appeared in TV commercials and promo videos for the team. 


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