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Atlanta Guinness World Records: Breaking Records Like A Boss

Throwback time! You’re in elementary school, and it’s the week of the Scholastic Book Fair. Yes—good times. You’re perusing the rows and rows of shelves and displays when…suddenly, a large, vibrant, (perhaps) metallic book cover catches your eye. It’s this year’s Guinness World Records. Believe it or not, Atlanta and ATLiens have been making history and gracing the pages of these books for years. I may sound like a “broken record,” but in case you forgot, Atlanta is the best! Check out this list of world records held in Atlanta and its suburbs.

Record: Largest simultaneous whoopee cushion sit
Set: October 6, 2005
About: 5,983 people participated at a conference. Did they know they were participating or were they pranked? That’s the real question.

Record: Largest soda float
Set: May 25, 2007
About: Coca-Cola at the World of Coca-Cola Museum concocted a 3,000-gallon soda  float, with 2,850 gallons of Vanilla Coke and 7,200 scoops of ice cream in a 15 foot tall glass. Give me a sip of that—yes, please!

Record: Largest Cupid Shuffle dance
Set: August 25, 2007
About: 17,000 people danced for 8 min. at the Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour organized by the Coca-Cola Company. Talk about a dance party!

Record: Fastest mile of coins
Set: August 2, 2008
About: Burnt Hickory Youth Ministry laid down a mile of pennies in Marietta, GA in 2 hr 16 min 9 sec. That’s a lot of spare change!

Record: Most pancakes made in 8 hours by a team
Set: May 9, 2009
About: Batter Blaster TM LLC made 76,382 pancakes in Centennial Olympic Park. Now that’s one tasty wake-up call.

Record: Longest video game marathon on Guitar Hero
Set: February 23-26, 2012
About: Patrick Young played Guitar Hero for 72 hours and 17 minutes straight. Wonder if he played behind his back?

Record: Largest gathering of people wearing tartan (Scottish plaid)
Set: November 22, 2015
About: 1,146 filled the Georgia Dome for this record organized by Brawny Paper Towels. Queue the kilts and bag pipes.

Record: Largest collection of lip balms
Set: November 29, 2015
About: Jace Hoffman, a Marietta resident, has collected 553 lips balms. She’ll never go a day with chapped lips!

Record: Most couples kissing under the mistletoe (single venue)
Set: December 12, 2015
About: Took place at Six Flags Over Georgia, and involved 201 couples (402 people)—holiday romance at its finest!

Record: Longest career as a player for the same orchestra
Set: May 15, 2016
About: Jane Little was a bass player for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for 71 years and 101 days. Rock on, girlfriend!

Record: Longest freestanding escalator
Set: October 6, 2016
About: This escalator ascends 8 stories and resides in the CNN Center. It can be ridden as a part of the CNN Studio Tour for $15. Up, up, and away!

Record: Smallest replica painting
Set: sourced from experts
About: Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology replicated the Mona Lisa using a process called Thermochemical Nanolithography on a canvas about one-third the width of a human hair. It is 1/25,000th the size of the real Mona Lisa, and is nicknamed the Mini Lisa. Wow, science.

Record: Most expensive species in captivity
Set: sourced from experts
About: The giant panda—exclusive to China—is the most expensive species in captivity. Four zoos in the USA are home to a giant panda—the Atlanta Zoo being one of them. With leasing and conservation expenses, the pandas are over $3,000,000 each, annually. And you thought your pure bred pet was expensive?

Although Jordan (the country) was home to the largest slip and slide of 2,006 ft 10 in; a 1,000 ft slip and slide is coming to Atlanta on July 15, 2017. There is currently no record holder for the “most people on a slip and slide.” Could we break it ATLiens? July 15 is your chance! Check out how to apply for this world record and how to register for the event. You won’t want to miss this epic summer attraction!

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