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Atlanta Named #1 City for New College Grads

Posted on 02, June 2014 by Sarah Eick

new grads and recently teamed up to rank the top 10 cities for new college graduates. The rankings were based on factors like mean entry-level income, average rent for a one-bedroom apartment, unemployment rate and nearby colleges and universities. Based on their findings, and named Atlanta the best city for recent grads.

According to the report, average entry-level salaries in Atlanta are 21 percent higher than the national average ($43,000), and Atlanta tied with Raleigh and Houston for the lowest average rent prices ($800). Atlanta also tied Minneapolis, Seattle and Raleigh with 10 colleges and universities in the area.

Curbed Atlanta compared rent prices in Atlanta to prices in five major US cities, including one city that also made list. They looked at what kind of places a recent grad could get for $1,000 a month in rent can buy in each city's downtown area. Atlanta's apartment options far exceeded the options in Manhattan, Chicago, Austin, Seattle and San Francisco.

Check out the original list here and Curbed Atlanta's apartment comparison here.

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