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Atlanta Neighborhood Spotlight: Ormewood Park

Posted on 26, April 2012 by csadmin

In the past ten years, Atlanta’s Ormewood Park neighborhood has seen a healthy dose of new energy and investment, and it’s not hard to understand why. The charming early 20th century development sits a scant three miles southeast of downtown Atlanta and is sandwiched by Grant Park, East Atlanta, and Reynoldstown, all exciting intown ‘hoods in their own right. Even though revitalization has been occurring for a while now, the area still retains an interesting mix of residents and a can-do spirit that makes it far from feeling stale or too polished. Oh, and it’s home to some of the best ice cream in Atlanta. ‘Nuff said.

Ormewood Park came into existence like many other cherished Atlanta neighborhoods, when a trolley line was extended in the early 1900s from downtown to what were formerly hinterlands. More specifically, the transit was extended to provide quick access to the Old Soldiers’ Home, explaining the name of Ormewood’s southern boundary: Confederate Avenue.

In addition to that initial real estate activity, mini building booms occurred following both World Wars. The neighborhood displays a mix of housing styles owing to that half-century of on and off construction; you’ll find Folk Victorians, Craftsman bungalows, Tudor cottages, and 1950s homes of no particular architectural school. More recently, the appearance of fantastically green contemporary homes has added a new spice to the soup.

Barring the houses located right on Moreland Avenue, the experience of living in Ormewood Park is quiet and laidback, with single family homes making up the majority of the streetscapes. The appearance of beautiful Glenwood Park (a fabulous mixed use development) in the northwest corner of Ormewood Park a few years back meant a new group of eateries and services for residents of the area. The rocking scene (restaurants, nightlife, shopping, farmer’s market, etc.) that is the East Atlanta Village sits just on the other side of Moreland Avenue. And at the intersection of Moreland and Ormewood Avenues is a small neighborhood retail node that’s home to Morelli’s, the site of that aformentioned killer ice cream. A leg of the Beltline forms Ormewood Park’s western boundary, meaning that interest in the neighborhood is sure to continue for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a diamond-in-the-rough or a pearl that’s already been set and buffed, Ormewood Park is a great place to grow roots ITP.

Home prices in Ormewood Park typically range from under $100,000 to $400,000. Search for homes in Ormewood Park.

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