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Atlanta Transit Proposing Major Changes

Posted on 19, June 2014 by Sarah Eick

The Atlanta transit system could be taking a few unexpected turns. Between MARTA's Connect 400 proposal and the new Atlanta Streetcar, Atlanta traffic could become a thing of the past.

MARTAaudit092512 CC1

MARTA is in the middle of a study to determine whether or not service should be extended up GA-400 North to Alpharetta. The Connect 400 project would run rails through the existing North Springs station and continue to Windward Parkway in Alpharetta. As many as six new stations could be added in the 12 mile stretch. If approved the project could take up to 10 years, but will not happen if the public does not want it. MARTA is currently accepting public comments on the project through July.

Along with MARTA's expansion proposal, the new Atlanta Streetcar and Beltline have teamed up to determine the best ways to connect the streetcar to the Beltline. They are currently facing two major obstacles in planning the streetcar's route, which includes a crosstown connection between Beltline East and Beltline West. The active Hulsey Rail Yard and Centennial Olympic Park are the posing to be the main challenges. A Citywide Conversation was held on June 17 to further discuss the proposed options, which can be seen below.



Both projects would require public interest, as well as public and private funding. Should both of them projects get approval and funding, Atlanta would become one of the most publicly connected cities.

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