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Atlanta's NPU System Gives a Voice to the City's Neighborhoods

Posted on 11, October 2011 by csadmin

Looking back, 1974 doesn't seem like the most memorable year.  Nixon announced his resignation, People magazine published its first issue, the Rubik's Cube was invented, and a trio of tragic plane crashes occurred.  Oh yeah, and Ryan Seacrest was born.  Like I said, 1974 kinda sucked.

But there was one event to come out of that year that's had a positive impact closer to home: the creation of Atlanta's Neighborhood Planning Unit system, or NPUs.

Atlanta's 25 NPUs were put in place by Mayor Maynard Jackson as a way to give a voice to the residents of the city's 230 neighborhoods. Participants at the monthly meetings have a chance to make their concerns known on issues such as zoning, land use, transportation, environmental protection, public safety, and other city concerns.  Neighborhood residents can also review applications for rezonings, liquor licenses, and festivals and parades.

While the NPU themselves don't make the final decisions regarding these matters, their recommendations in the form of community votes are relayed to the relevant voting body.  Also, each NPU sends a representative to the Atlanta Planning Advisory Board, which in turn sends recommendations to city council and/or the mayor.

For more information on which NPU your neighborhood falls under, or to find out the location and time of the next meeting, click here.   You can also find the agendas for each NPU's upcoming meeting, which is a useful way to gauge if a particular meeting is worth attending.  Or, if you're like me, you'll go through all of them simply because you're nosy.  Don't judge.

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