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Attn: Kris Kringle - My 2011 Real Estate Wish List

Posted on 14, December 2011 by csadmin

Dear Santa,

I know you’re busy this time of year, but would you mind looking at my real estate wish list? I’m sure you’re aware, even at the North Pole, that things have been a little rough in the world for that past few years.

Everyone is adjusting to a new normal, but there are a few things you could do to make things a little more bearable here in Atlanta and beyond. My wishes aren’t necessarily items that can be built by handy elves, but I know you’ve got a healthy supply of magic that could do the trick.

  • Jobs: Georgia’s lost 350,000 of them since 2008. And might I add that skilled positions would be nice...
  • Increased consumer confidence: Buyers of everything, not just homes, seem to be perpetually on edge. It’s hard to blame them, what with the unpredictable economy, European debt crisis, and the volatile political climate. Maybe you could instill us with some needed bravery.
  • The passage of the transportation tax: The Atlanta region has lost some of its competitive edge due to its refusal to address its transportation issues. While the final list that will be voted on sometime next year might not be perfect, we need to take the first step in catching up to other regions that have taken the lead before we fall too far behind.
  • The completion of Buckhead Atlanta (aka The Streets of Buckhead): It looks like things will be moving under the new leadership of Oliver McMillan, but I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch. The plan will need some tweaking to meet the requirements of a changed economic landscape, but it still has the potential to create a wonderful “downtown” for the Buckhead community.
  • A buyer for the Rufus M. Rose house, specifically one that has deep pockets and a passion for historic preservation. Also, please don’t let us lose the Goodwin House in Brookhaven...

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