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Explore Georgia

Is it just me or did mother nature spent a little extra time on Georgia? It’s time to break out the maps, let the windows down, and experience what Georgia has to offer- because trust me it’s a lot. Check out this list of the top destinations for afalse

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Back to School

Parents are superheros, I am convinced of it. You juggle a million different things, going a million miles an hour. The season of back to school is upon us and, while you are probably ready for the break a few hours a day, this brings a whole new setfalse

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Suburbs vs The City

There are a few controversies that no matter what will spark the impromptu debate. Pepsi vs. Coke. Apple vs. Samsung. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. NSYNC vs. Backstreet boys. Could Jack have actually fit on the door with Rose at the end of the Titanic?false

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