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Author: Kendall De Laria

We All Scream For Atlanta Ice Cream

Atlanta isn’t nicknamed Hotlanta for kicks. The average daily temperature during the summer months of May through September is 81°F. Pretty steamy if you ask me. So find some time to “chill” out (literally) at seven of Atlanta’s best ice cream shops!false

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Clickscape's Community

Atlanta is FULL of people-- 5,710,795, to be exact! This means that we all have neighbors, whether they be above, below, and beside us in a condo or apartment; the next driveway over in a subdivision or neighborhood; or a couple of acres away in thefalse

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STREET smARTs: Get'em Here.

The ATV loves wall art. We do! If you’ve ever visited our 103,000 sq. ft. abode, you may have realized that nearly every wall—glass filled or white-board lined—is embellished with the writings and drawings of our tenants. The art has generated purposefalse

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