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Back to School

Parents are superheros, I am convinced of it. You juggle a million different things, going a million miles an hour. The season of back to school is upon us and, while you are probably ready for the break a few hours a day, this brings a whole new set of elements to your life. Yikes. Fear no more. Here is a to-do list and resolution guide for the new school year.

To Do Checklist
If there is one thing I love it is to-do lists.  Now that the kiddos are about to go back to school, I can’t think of a more important time to get things in order. Let’s go!

  1. Supplies.
    This covers a very wide range of items. From backpacks to locker decorations to actual school supplies. Each school has their own lists of needed school supplies. If you don’t know yours here is the Atlanta public school supplies list by grade level. This year, let’s pay it forward for school supplies. Meet Yoobi. Their “one for me, one for you” motto supplies an underprivileged child with school supplies when you buy their products. Let’s make this year's school supplies shopping a chance to pay it forward.
  2. Clothes.
    This was my favorite part of back to school when I was younger. The perfect first day of school outfit. Make sure you take a day to go through your closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit or you don’t wear. Make room for some stylin’ new back to school clothes! The best part of back to school. Always.
  3. Medical Forms.
    No explanation really needed for this one. Get organized and make sure your children are up-to-date with their necessary shots and physicals. The not-so-fun part of back to school.
  4. School Schedule.
    Back to school means early wake up times, early bed times, and everything in-between. Make sure you are getting your kids on a schedule now to wake up early. They are also going to be adjusting to not having a lot of free time like they did in the summer. Making schedules to manage time between after school activities will help you plan the days more efficiently.
  5. Back to school projects.
    This is something new that I just came across. As a DIYer myself I am pro-projects. This year, let your kids add their own spin on their ordinary school supplies. This list of  37 DIY projects for your kids to enhance their school supplies, are a great way to get your child’s creativity flowing. Not to mention, it will entertain them while you get a chance to get some things done.


It has been 8 months since we all first made our New Year's Resolutions. If you have stuck with your resolution, I applaud you. Seriously. However, if you have not stuck to your resolution, the good news is now is the time for a do over. School is starting and now is the perfect time for you and your kids to collaborate on some resolutions of your own.

  1. Meal Prep (both healthy and efficient).
    Meal Prep. The resolution that has been all of the talk among health enthusiasts everywhere. The mornings are already so crazy and hectic, this is a great way to speed along the process. Make it a resolution this year to meal prep for your children's lunches. Here are over 1000 kids meal prep lunch ideas. It will not only save you much needed sleep in the mornings, but help you and your children eat healthier. 
  2. Homework first.
    This is a resolution I know my mom must have been behind when I was in school. Life can get hectic. This year make it a priority to have your kids do their homework first thing when they get home. This is a habit that will follow them into the future.
  3. Get to know teachers.
    Having a relationship with another adult who spends 7 hours a day with your child is very important. These are the people are help form the minds and knowledge of your child. Getting to know them will keep you in communication with what is going on with your child while in school.
  4. Donate clothes.
    We are pretty big on paying it forward here at Village Realty. In fact, it is one of our four core values we use to guide our business. Sometimes it can feel like your child has grown over night. Honestly, maybe they did. Either way your kids grow out of clothes faster than you feel is humanly possible. This year make is a resolution to donate the clothes that you are going to throw out. You are not only helping out your neighbor, but you show your children good pay it forward values.
  5. Focus on the moment.
    “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” Thank you Omar Khayyam for my favorite quote. In short, make a resolution this year to be happy for the little things and your little ones. That was a bad pun, but you get the point.


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