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Best Smart Home Technology

The latest trend in home design is allowing homeowners to be more connected than ever. Smart home technology is quickly moving from the stuff of movies to everyday life. A wide range of products allow you connect with your space in ways like never before. Unsure of where to begin? We've found the best smart home technology products on the market to help you have the savviest home on the block.



1- Nest Learning Thermostat: $249 The penultimate item in home technology, no smart home is complete without a Nest. Nest, owned by Google parent company, Alphabet, now offers a wide range of home products, but their learning thermostat was first and remains the most popular. Nest can be installed in around 30 minutes and learns your temperature behavior so your home is your ideal temperature at all times. Want to sleep at 68 degrees but  The system also has a built-in energy saving system which essentially means that you will earn back the money you spend on the product. Georgia Power is currently offering a rebate of $100 for any existing customer who upgrades to a Nest from a standard thermostat.



2- Google Home: $129 Plenty of home personal assistant devices have hit the market lately, but Google Home is topping lists of digital home products across the web. Google Home allows you to manage your music, and calendar via voice control, as well as respond to texts and get an answer to any question using Google Search. Google Home's artificial intelligence software is superior to others on the market thanks to Google's long history of studying and manipulating our behaviors on the internet.


3- Plume Pods: $39 per pod Their mission? Reinventing home wi-fi. How? By being the only cloud-based wi-fi solution, allowing for the same speed and quality of internet regardless of distance from a centralized router. The device works with your existing modem but replaces the router. Rather than having one router in a central location, Plume Pods can be distributed around the home to "route" the internet to each room. The device currently works with all major internet providers. Plume recommends placing a device in each room of the house, plus any connecting hallways.


4- Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: models vary, around $5,800 This is no ordinary refrigerator. This product is a combination of a family calendar, messaging station, entertainment system, photo album, and food storage system. With apps like Allrecipes and Pandora included in the system, the built-in tablet acts as, well, a family hub. With three interior camera and several food ordering apps to choose from, you'll never run out of milk again. Plus, the TV ads they are running feature the greatest celebrity couple of all time, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.


5- Sleep Number it Bed: $799.99 Sleep Number has been around for years now, but their it Bed is changing the sleep-scape. The it Bed connects to your iPhone to track your sleep and works with fitness tracking apps to determine personal health data like the best work out times for your body and ideal room temperatures.



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