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Cabbagetown -- Colorful Modern-Day Mill Village

Posted on 02, June 2009 by csadmin

The colorful shotgun houses lining Cabbagetown's jumble of narrow streets make it one of the quirkiest and most charming neighborhoods in Atlanta. Originally a mill village built around the Fulton Cotton Mill, a massive red-brick building which still dominates the neighborhood's backdrop (if only in its modern reincarnation as loft condos), Cabbagetown got its name from the dietary staple of its early Scots-Irish millworker residents. It has always been a close-knit community and still is. The active neighborhood association hosts the "Chomp and Stomp" chili cookoff and bluegrass festival in November, which draws residents from all over the metro area.

Singles and couples especially love this neighborhood and its Southern working-class feel. Houses here tend to run on the small side but are chock-full of historic charm, and the gritty industrial surroundings give it just enough edge to make it feel cool. Cheap and plentiful loft space and a smattering of funky galleries have drawn artists and other creative types to the area, and a handful of great bars and excellent restaurants give young urbanites something to do in the evenings.  Cabbagetown's urban pioneers have risen to the challenge of restoring an underappreciated architectural style, and the result has been the growth of a unique neighborhood that's like no other in Atlanta. 

Average price range for homes:  $125K-$350K

Zip code(s):  30312, 30316

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