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Casa Inevitable

Posted on 02, April 2012 by csadmin

In this weekly feature on Clicks & Mortar, we bring you the most notable or interesting property we can find in our service area. This week’s featured over-the-top property is 555 Magnolia Mound Drive, Memphis TN 38103  ($1,376,000).

555 Magnolia Mound Drive, Memphis, TN

Introducing Casa Inevitable.  Memphis isn’t known for its modern dwellings, but this casa proves that the River City can do them right, thank you very much.  Set within the traditionally inspired South Bluffs neighborhood overlooking the Mississippi River, it blurs the line between house and sculpture.  Shall we call it a scouse?  Okay, maybe not.

From the street, Casa Inevitable exhibits a cool, reserved persona that brings to mind Southern California.  Its layout is typical of a home in the Hollywood Hills:  since the best views are out back, that’s where the exuberance comes into play.  The rear facade celebrates its river setting with sleek porches and a curved, angled roof that’ll make you smile.  Smartly, there’s a good bit of vertical distance between the home and the waterway, created by beautiful parkspace.  You’ll really appreciate the distance if a replay of the record 1937 flood were to ever occur.

Inevitably, the interior of the 2007 home is all about open spaces and sleek finishes.  Custom wood, granite, concrete, and steel, to be exact.  The industrial strength (looking) roof trusses are a beautiful feature that mirrors those of the curved roof outside.  They draw the eye up and highlight the lofty heights of the ceilings.  Frosted glass and glass block give off a light that’s soft and heavenly.  The master bath looks especially spa-like; all you need is someone to slather you in mud and apply eyelid cucumbers.

You’d think all these hard materials and the serious aesthetic might be off putting, but it’s all in how you approach the decorating.  The listing photos show a good example of how to fill a contemporary home in a way that’s less museum and more home sweet home.  Hats off to the sellers!

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