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Atlanta is FULL of people-- 5,710,795, to be exact! This means that we all have neighbors, whether they be above, below, and beside us in a condo or apartment; the next driveway over in a subdivision or neighborhood; or a couple of acres away in the country. But it is neighbors, turned friends, that make true community. Despite the fact that ATLiens value community, some neighborhoods could benefit tremendously from a stronger sense of community. Why? HomeAdvisor conducts the nation’s largest annual study on what makes homeowners happiest in their homes, and “community” is ranked the 2nd most important factor. Speaking from our experience at ATV, HomeAdvisor is absolutely correct! At Clickscape we strive to build community with our fourth-floor, ATV friends! Nine to be exact. They’re incredibly talented and passionate companies changing the tech and business landscape of Atlanta and beyond.


The word “wela” is an old world for wealth. Fittingly, Wela Financial Planning Software provides free, digital/automated financial advising to its users via personal intelligence, personified as Benjamin. Personal investment advising is also available for a percentage-based fee. With the ability to set financial goals and link bank accounts through their secure application, Wela paves paths toward financial freedom and assurance. They claim that whether you have $5,000; $50,000, or $500,000 in the bank, you still have questions when it comes to financial decision making. Their exceptional team and one-of-a-kind software is prepared to answer.

(formerly xAd)

With origins as a target marketing provider for advertisers, xAd’s MO  from the start has always been to collect precise and accurate location data. These guys have been around since 2009, and my oh my, have they grown. Currently thriving, and in the thick of an epic rebranding effort, xAd’s launching a new website very soon. Why the switch, though? Overtime, the xAd team came to realize the power of location data for revolutionizing industries far beyond media alone. By rebranding, GroundTruth explains that they are not only changing their image, but refocusing their mission and vision. GroundTruth is chasing the future.

uhm, cool.

Get Engaged Media

Get Engaged is a digital media company that develops digital and social media strategy and content. Working with big names in sports, music, and film, you could say these are good friends to have. They are connected! But what makes Get Engaged different? Their website explains that competitive rates, connections, and personalized branding are just a few of their differentiating factors and strengths. Get engaged also runs marketing campaigns for its clients to drive engagement and promote public image. You may be familiar with the Flair Flame Campaign of 2016...yeah, that time when Waka Flaka Flame decided to run for president. Get Engaged developed and designed the campaign. Can I get two claps and a Rick Flair, wooooooo!

Eastmont | Group

Eastmont’s catchphrase is “Let’s Build Something Awesome.” Well they sure have for brands like Mailchimp, Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta United FC, Arden’s Garden, and Compeat. As a digital design agency, Eastmont Group identifies as “Designers, Developers, Strategists, and Ecommerce Experts.” They’re capable of presenting your brand in several different lights, through various channels, to nearly every audience: e-mail, social media, paid media, ecommerce platforms, etc. In other words, they’re creatives at heart. You’d know if you visited their office at ATV. Across the entire back wall is a mural full of eclectic, geometric characters. Clearly, they like to have a little fun too. My favorite kind of folks!

Emory’s Entrepreneur Center

Emory University’s Goizueta College of Business has an entrepreneur center in ATV. Their mission is “to provide the Emory community with a comprehensive range of consultation, strategy, and creative solutions.”

501 Auctions

“501 Auctions is the premiere charity auction, mobile bidding, and event management solution for the modern non-profit.” They have an incredible website detailing their services, but to summarize, the 501 Auctions team crafts branded event websites; handles check-in, registration, and mobile bidding for events via their impressive software; provides rental equipment and exceptional tech support; and facilitates 48-hour, direct transfer of event funds. Clients include the YMCA, Make a Wish, and the American Cancer Society. 501 is located in 11 cities (including Atlanta) nationally, and serves 1000 events across the country, annually. Non-profits are saying “cha-ching” with 501’s help, and the world is becoming a better place! Snaps for that.

Mobile Labs

Mobile Labs tests mobile applications, software, platforms, etc. prior to and during deployment. Afterwards, they continue to monitor deployed platforms in order to “debug, update, and repair” them when necessary. Their goal is to implement simple programs that run efficiently on all devices. Thank you Mobile Labs for keeping our phones running smoothly! What would we do without you?


Your time is valuable! Calendly understands that. In fact, they are changing the way that people schedule their time through a “flexible, integrated, customizable, and enjoyable” app. For a maximum of $15 a month, you can access all of their features, but for FREE, you can access their basic features, which are still greater than most other apps. If you’re in the market for an app like Calendly, check out what customers and teams are saying about it from various industries. Find out how Calendly is specifically fulfilling the scheduling needs of professionals and companies. Hesitant about adding another app to your mix? Don’t count out Calendly until you check out its integration features.

Fit Radio

Right now. Yes, right now. Fit Radio is the #1 Workout Music App in both the Apple and Android App Stores. So naturally, everybody is talking about it. For Pete’s sake, I found out about this app from a Snapchat Discover story. Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Forbes...they’re all raving about it! The app’s sleek design, ease of use, and unique features are keeping it at the front of the pack. So what are the features? DJ mixes from “pre-screened, quality” DJ’s; new mixes everyday to keep workouts “fresh;” 25 stations sorted by genre, workout, type, and even, BPM; updates when new mixes release in your favorite genres; and best of all, no commercials. There’s more, but you’ll have to tune in to FitRadio during your next workout to find out.

My goodness, we’ve got the coolest neighbors! Right?

Looking for good neighbors and a strong community? Come to Atlanta! Clickscape can help you find a home.  

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