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Creating Time

We all struggle with a common problem: we don’t have enough time. Often times, we find ourselves exhausted and yearning for more time to accomplish goals we set out to do, or time to rest and spend with friends and family. The new year is an ideal time to take a look back at your previous year and see how you can move forward to a less busy year.

Why do we find it so hard to find time for ourselves?

Many people find inability to create boundaries around their time so they can accomplish what matters most to them. When you find yourself saying, “I have to …” with a sigh followed by a commitment you made, that’s sure sign that you are spending time in a way that doesn’t bring you joy.

Why is creating time for yourself important?

The reason creating boundaries is important is so you have time to do the things that matter to you, whether it’s spending time advancing your career, making a difference in your community, spending time with family or taking care of your body and soul. If you are feeling burned out, you probably aren’t spending your time in a way that gives you meaning and purpose. Rather, you are probably spending time in the way that others want you to.

So how can you create more time?

Cut out TV/ Netflix/ Social Media

If the way you “wind down” after a long day is watching an episode of your favorite show then go for it. But try to limit yourself to one episode. If you find yourself scrolling through social media, try deleting the apps for a couple days.

Do all your errands at the same time

Dedicate one day a week and a couple hours to get most of your errands for the week done, this way you aren’t constantly running around, spending most of your days in traffic and check-out lines.  

Simplify commitments

This one is important, but could be the hardest. One of the most time-consuming parts of our day is following through with commitments. Figure out which commitments you think bring you joy and purpose and drop the rest.

Be intentional

Slowly learn to simplify. Simplify your daily routines, your work, social life, possessions, chores, and even your wardrobe. It might take time but will be worth the effort.

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