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Easy Tips to Sell Your Home

Posted on 10, June 2014 by Sarah Eick

Getting ready to sell? Move your property fast – and for the highest price possible – with these affordable tricks. These easy changes will make your home more attractive to potential buyers, and you can start at any stage in the selling process.

Tips to sell a home copy

Tip #1 - Paint
A fresh coat of paint gives you more bang for your decorating buck than anything else. Even if your current palette is relatively new, any scuffs or wear marks will lower the home's value. An unusual color choice may limit your home’s appeal. So break out that roller and slap on a couple coats of crowd-pleasing warm white or sand paint.

Tip #2 - Improve the Lighting
Replace any dated light fixtures ASAP. If it’s over 15 years old and looks it – yet isn’t a vintage (50-75 years old) or antique piece (older) – it should probably go. “Retro” is not something most homebuyers are looking for. You don’t need to break the bank, just head to IKEA or Home Depot.

Tip #3 - Update Dated Bathrooms
A nice bath helps sell a house but, don’t invest in a total renovation. Bring an out-of-date bath up to speed with fresh white walls with coat of white bath and kitchen paint or ceramic tile and new lighting. Buy neutral new shower curtains, a simple new bath mat and vanity set, and have fresh flowers in the room during open houses.

Tip #4 - Spruce Up Yards & Outdoor Spaces
Refresh your front yard according to the season. In spring, summer and fall, trim back dead plants and foliage and plant attractive annuals or perennials in flowerbeds. In winter, keep the walkway shoveled and cut back any tree or shrub branches damaged by heavy snowfall.Simple fix-its will make the most of your existing yard layout. Replace any damaged boards on your deck or fence, and apply a fresh coat of paint, or stain and sealant if the finish needs it. Potted plants on the front porch is always a nice touch, as well.

Tip #5 - Declutter & Organize
Take the collectibles off the mantel, put the mismatched armchair into storage and keep your closets down to what you’re actually wearing this season, packing away the rest. Ideally, all this extra stuff would head to charity, the garbage dump or into storage. The more you store onsite, the more cluttered and small your home appears.

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