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Edgewood and Reynoldstown -- Convenience and Value

Posted on 16, June 2009 by csadmin

Bordering main thoroughfare Moreland Avenue are the neighborhoods of Edgewood (to the east) and Reynoldstown (to the west). Edgewood was its own separate town until it was annexed by the City of Atlanta in 1909. Reynoldstown was the approximate site of Civil War's bloody Battle of Atlanta; after the war it was settled by railroad workers, who named it after Madison Reynolds, a local farmer who ran a popular shop on Wiley Street.

Sandwiched between a railroad line and I-20, the redevelopment of these neighborhoods has been slow, but their close-in location and affordable housing has made them a mecca for homebuyers looking for convenience and value. In recent years, restoration buffs and real estate developers have had a field day in both of these neighborhoods, renovating historic homes and building flashy new condo developments. Singles and young couples looking for affordable homes have chosen to make these neighborhoods home in recent years, and there is a high concentration of creative types (artists, musicians, and assorted hipsters) living side by side with older, more established residents.

Edgewood's streets are neatly lined with historic bungalows in various stages of repair, along with some more modern brick ranchers and new construction infill. Coan Park is a nice bonus for those with active lifestyles or small children. Reynoldstown tends to have narrower streets populated with mill cottages and smaller bungalows, as well as some double shotgun houses. The neighborhood vibe, like the area itself, lies somewhere between Edgewood and Cabbagetown, with lots of energetic newer residents renovating the houses and beautifying the neighborhood. Check out the annual Wheelbarrow Festival each June. Both neighborhoods are well served by public transportation, and each side has its own MARTA stop. The recently built Edgewood Retail District has brought new life to these areas; its amenities include a 24-hour Kroger, a Target, and a Lowes (crucial for all the home renovations going on!). 

Average price range for homes:  $125K-$350K

Zip code(s): 30307 (Edgewood), 30316 (Reynoldstown)

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