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Five Things About Atlanta That Might Surprise You

Need to brush up on your Atlanta trivia? We've got you covered with these Five Things About Atlanta That Might Surprise You:

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1: Atlanta is a well-known destination for transplants. Almost no one is originally from here. Meeting Native Atlantians (not to mention multiple generational Atlanta families) is very rare. In fact, only 53% of current Atlanta residents were born here.

2: Southern hospitality counts, y'all! Two famous Atlantians have won Noble Peace Prizes-  Martin Luther King Jr in 1964 for nonviolent resistance to racial prejudice and Jimmy Carter in 2002 for his work with the Carter Center.  Atlanta is one of only two cities with multiple winners.

3: The symbol of Atlanta is a phoenix to represent a city rising from the ashes. Atlanta is the only North American city to have been destroyed by an act of war with the burning of Atlanta by General Sherman in the Civil War.

4: The Atlanta Braves are one of only two remaining charter members of the National League. The other is the Chicago Cubs. The Braves have called many cities home, with years in Boston and Milwaukee before landing in Atlanta in 1966.  The team will get a new home again next spring with the opening of Suntrust Park.

5: It hasn't always been Atlanta! Our city has been named Terminus, representing the end of the railroad line from Savannah, and Marthasville in 1843 after Governor Wilson Lumpkin's daughter Martha. The name Atlanta took hold in 1847, after the chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad suggested the name "Atlantica-Pacifica", which was then shortened to just Atlanta.

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