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From Practical to Preposterous: The Top 5 Coolest Pet Products For Your Home

Posted on 10, March 2012 by csadmin

For those who have them, pets are often like members of the family.  It’s only natural that we want to spoil them whenever possible.  Indulgent pet products has been a growing business for the past decade, producing some truly outrageous stuff.  Witness the $325,000 dog house put together by Paris Hilton (yes, we’re still talking about her).  With that inspiration in mind, here’s a short list of some of the more notable pet products for your home, from the “I could use that” to the “What were they thinking?!”

  1. Porch Potty
    We can really see the practical applications of this gizmo, especially for condo dwellers.  Described as the “#1 Best Selling Grass Litterbox for Dogs,”  the potty comes with some cool options like real or synthetic grass, and sprinklers that wash away the mess for you.  You’ll pay close to $300 for this contraption, but it could be money very well spent given the convenience and potential carpet cleaner savings.
  2. Fancy Litter Box Covers
    One of the biggest drawbacks for owning a cat is the litterbox - it’s something you want out of sight and out of mind.  However, there are some products out there that may  have you showing off Kitty’s special spot.  Take the Mox Litter Tower that’s more modern sculpture than waste receptacle.  Or the Mid-Century stylings of the Modern Cat hideaways, which are straight of the set of “Mad Men.”  Lucky cat!
  3. Octopus Studios Aquariums
    There’s really no limit when it comes to the world of aquarium design.  One of the more accessible examples of this creativity are the wares of Octopus Studios.  As many as six round fish bowls can be connected by tubes, creating veritable neighborhoods for your finned friends.  It’s like something you would have seen at a World’s Fair circa 1960, or maybe an aquatic gerbil cage.  The site claims that maintenance is no more involved than that of a regular aquarium, and we can only hope they’re telling the truth.
  4. Canine Manor
    The aforementioned dog house built by Ms. Hilton is mindblowingly decadent, so we tried to find something a little more down to earth, if just a little.  How about  this $25,000 model by renowned kennel designer Alan Mowrer?  It’s finished with such civilized features as A/C, running water, heating, and even lighting.  Frequently, his designs are customized to match the pet owner’s home.  But at  this level of detail, you have to wonder if it becomes more yard art than pooch pad.
  5. High Fashion Chicken Coops
    As we wrote about a while back, urbanites keeping chickens as pets has officially become “a thing.”  A natural extension of this trend is housing the cluckers in style.  In less than shocking news, Portland, OR has become a hotbed of such design, as evidenced by these examples.  Living roofs, pre-fab construction, and 1970s camper style all make for chic chicken living.

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