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High School Classmates and the Atlanta Neighborhoods They Call Home

Posted on 19, January 2012 by csadmin

Let’s pretend Facebook was never invented and Mark Zuckberberg isn’t a 26 year old worth $17.5 billion.  Barring an awkward 10 year reunion, you might have never had the pleasure of knowing what ended up happening to so-and-so and what’s-her-name from high school.  Armed with our knowledge of Atlanta neighborhoods and a healthy dose of stereotypes, we created a list of best guesses for where you might find your old pals today. Do any of these characters ring a bell?

  • Troublemaker/perpetual partier:  This kid had a terrible attendance record, the grades to show for it, and a hard time with laundry.  He excelled as one thing: having a good time.  My guess is that he probably ended up somewhere near East Atlanta.
  • Little Ms. Perfect:  Her hair was always flawless, she was in all the honors classes, was friends with everybody, and was athletic to boot.  I think I saw her getting drinks with the girls in Virginia Highland.
  • Nerd-O-Rama:  Socially awkward, mind of a genius, and determined to get revenge.  Yeah, that’s his Aston Martin in the driveway of his Tuxedo Park estate.
  • Emo Girl:  Did this chick ever smile?  Now that she’s found her rightful place in Inman Park, you might just get a grin out of her.
  • Jock:  He’s still living in the glory of his heyday, and he thinks Buckhead is still the place to party.  Unfortunately, he’s not making the cash to live there.  When he’s not terrorizing East Andrews he’s crashing in Vinings.
  • Too cool for school:  The teachers ignored his smoking in the bathroom, he drove a restored vintage car, and had a thing for older women.  He now calls Old Fourth Ward home.
  • Kid with a cause:  You’ve never met a more socially/ecologically/politically aware teenager.  If she asked you to sign one more petition you might have ended up in the principal’s office. She’s still fighting the good fight somewhere over in Lake Claire.
  • Art fanatic:  After graduating from SCAD, this guy set up shop in a Fairlie-Poplar loft.  Now he’s got convenient access to artsy stuff going on in Castleberry Hill and the Westside, plus the price was right for an artist’s budget.

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