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How To Create an Outdoor Oasis

Looking for an escape that doesn’t require a plane ride or a long drive to the beach? Why not look to your very own backyard? No matter how small, your backyard can be turned into a relaxing outdoor oasis. Want to know how? Here’s some tips on colors to help inspire the type of outdoor patio that will most fit your lifestyle.

Dark gray-blue, soft gray, neutral green and lavender: Associated with relaxing, so if your patio is going to be a quiet haven, these might be the perfect picks.


Red: If you want your space to be warm and exciting, red might be the ideal choice. If the thought of too much red overwhelms you, consider an accent wall, or pillows.


Pink: Pale pastels are soothing and calming, while more vibrant pinks like fuchsia bring a bohemian flair. Plush furniture covered in durable outdoor fabrics makes a backyard feel like a living room out of doors.


Yellow: is optimistic and warm, and if it’s pale, it can make a small space feel larger. This tried-and-true favorite can promote creativity, so if your patio is doubling as a place where you write, paint or create, this is the color for you.


Brown: the earthiest of all colors, makes it easy to slow down and relax. It makes you feel comfortable, cozy, and like you’re relaxing in the mountains.


Green: Plenty of plants and herbs along the wall pops against a metal wall painted or wood. Turn any patio into a lush oasis with potted plants and a vertical succulent garden. Even if your thumb isn’t particularly green, living plants can make your space more inviting and tropical.


Are you at a resort on the beach or on your deck? It’s hard to tell with a setup designed to help you relax. Making your dream oasis patio can create a relaxing environment to unwind or a great spot to host some friends.

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