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How to Improve Your Home for Summer


 Change Your Scents

We all reserve a special place in our hearts for those thanksgiving/winter candles that make your home smell like your grandma’s homemade cookies. Your mind probably went to your favorite comfort candle, you know the one. Well, while those are great and necessary for winter survival, there is no place for them in the summer.

It’s time to switch up the scents. Change your candles out for summer new summer scents. These are typically your light, clean, and fruity candles.

For the rooms where you aren’t going to be lighting a candle all the time or if candles just aren’t your thing, wall plugins are your go-to. Wall plugins are super simple and you don’t have to touch them once you set it up. Just pick a lighter summer scent, and let the plug in fill your home with all the summer smells.


Switch Up Your Colors

Oh what a difference a change in color can make! This is a great time to switch up your throw pillows. Replace the darker colored pillows to light warm summer colors. A good tip is to add hints of silver into your colors, this will brighten up the room and it goes really well with colorful patterns and colors.


Add Flowers and a Garden

April showers bring may flowers. This is the perfect time to add some flowers to the yard to brighten up your home.  Yellow flowers such as daisies, marigolds, daffodils, and sunflowers are great summer flowers that are seasoned to bloom. Some good red flowers are Beardtongue, Gloriosa Lily, and Peonies. Good white flowers to plant are Surprise Lily, Oxalis, and Pineapple Lily. All of these flowers bloom in the spring and summer, so put your creative side to use and create floral arrangements to compliment your house.  These also make beautiful centerpieces, so bring the flowers inside and put them in a fun vase.

While you are outside creating these flower arrangements, why not add a garden as well. There are tons of warm-seasoned vegetables that are easy to plant and maintain. Also, they will taste even better fresh out of the garden made with love. Some warm-seasoned vegetables to keep in mind are snap-peas, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and squash. This is something that you can get the whole family involved in.


Rearrange Your Furniture

This is my personal favorite type of home improvement- the free kind.  This no-cost decorating trick can help transform your living space into a brand new room. Some good tips for rearranging furniture are to map out your ideas, use the large pieces as anchors, and move a big piece out of the room to clear up space. Easy, free, and fast- the perfect three!


Repurpose a Room For Your Kids

School’s out for the summer, and you might be nervous on how you are going to entertain your kids for the whole summer. Repurposing a room is perfect for times like this. If you have an empty room or space, clearing it out and turning it into a play room is a great idea. This space can be used for arts and crafts, games, and free play. Think about what your child loves to do, and turn the room into their summer play destination.


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