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How to Lower Your Property Taxes

Posted on 24, August 2011 by csadmin

This lovely infographic published by the Wall Street Journal summarizes how you might go about lowering your property taxes.  Why would you want to go through that hassle?  Well, consider that from 2005-2009 property taxes across the country increased on average by 20%.  During that same time period, home values in the top twenty urban centers declined to the tune of 31%.  So, a property tax appeal might be well worth your time.

After receiving their assessment notice, homeowners typically have a 10-30 day window in which they can appeal; Fulton County's limit is 45 days.  The process works somewhat like a low key court hearing.  You appear before local officials and typically utilize nearby comparables to make your case.

If you never excelled in speech class, you always have the option of hiring a tax lawyer or property tax consultant to argue on your behalf.  But proceed with caution:  in the past three years, the Better Business Bureau has received 650 complaints concerning such consultants.

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