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How to Refresh Your Home Without Leaving It

While summertime means beach trips, popsicles, and pool days, it also means school is out and therefore that tiny window of errand running between carpool, work, and sport practices no longer exists. Whether you’re working full time, you’re a new mom adjusting to sleeping schedules, or you’re a dad balancing multiple little ones (plus a pet or two), going to the store for simple essentials like milk and bread can seem daunting. Stopping by Whole Foods or Target can even become the most dreaded part of your day, especially after sitting in rush hour or driving around more kids than groceries in your cart. We salute those of you who face this challenge and are excited to present a few game changing tricks to not only freshen up your home without leaving it but also doing so with just one click of a button.


Your Kitchen Counters: Did you remember everything on your list except Windex or Clorox Wipes? Have no fear! Grove Collaborative has your back. Even better, they have your house and family’s best interest in mind, as they aim to provide a natural, beautiful, and affordable home environment. Carrying brands including Method, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Seventh Generation, Smarty Pants, Acure, Molly’s Suds, Dr. Bronner’s All-One, and their own, Grove Collaborative, you can have cleaning supplies, personal care, and health & wellness items (just to name a few) delivered right to your doorstep based on your schedule and subscription. Praised for their customer service, values, and really effective products, you’d be foolish not to try a shipment out!

Your Living Room: If you’re having people over for dinner or simply like to freshen up your decor every now and then, ditch the grocery store flowers and subscribe to The Bouqs. Select the collection or create your own, choose a size, and select a date for the start of your custom deliveries (weekly, twice a month, monthly, every 2 months, or every 4 months) or simply a special occasion. Whether you prefer Roses, a Farmer’s Market Bouquet, or flowers from one of their special collections, you can trust the magic behind the hands of the Bouqs Company, “Straight from the Volcano to Your Door.” And while you’re at it, don’t even both running back out to the store for a candle to cover up the pet stench in your living room. Flicker Box has got you covered! Whether you’re a candle lover or not, you won’t relax or enjoy dinner without burning one of these candles after your first box. With each delivery (monthly, bimonthly, or 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid subscriptions), you get a variety of thematic artisanal candles (and their stories) from small batch vendors around the country. Not only do these candles come in handy during the holiday season but they also add the perfect touch to make your home clean, cozy, and fragrantly pleasing.

Your Desk: For those of you who get excited to buy a new batch of Thank You notes and appreciate snail mail, Olive Box truly will be a little box of heaven for your desk. Not only will you go bananas each month when you see the arrangement of beautiful paper and lifestyle products at your doorstep, but you will also be more prone to clean up clutter on your desk and throw away unnecessary envelopes and sticky notes. And by paper products we mean art prints, labels, inspiring books, letterpress cards, and home decor, not paper towels.

Your Pantry: Even though your pantry is probably in some form of a closet or cupboard, this does not mean you can just hide junk! Toss the cereal boxes of crumbs and soup cans from 2015 in the trash and fill the empty spot with all sorts of yummy's from Mouth. This is the ultimate taste tester package, as you can pick from collections ranging from cookies to cocktails to jerky to coffee. Forget about preparing impressive snacks for company on a whim and walk right by the many tempting munchies in the snack aisle. Mouth’s selections are both yummy and cover a wide range of flavors and tastes.


No need to refresh your home if its not your dream home! Start your search today.

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