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Lights, Camera, Ashton? Welcome to Y'allywood

Never did I think that a day of work in the ATV would mean a visit from Ashton Kutcher. But just four short weeks ago. This. Actually. Happened. What? Yes. Kutcher mingled with the Clickscape team for 5+ minutes! As a star in That ‘70s Show, Two and a Half Men, Valentine’s Day, No Strings Attached, or my personal favorite, Cheaper by the Dozen, Kutcher won laughs and looks for years; but today, he’s winning big bucks as a venture capitalist.

Now managing a $250M dollar investment portfolio, Kutcher soared to success following a fascination with innovative tech and a keen sense for success in the startup world. Not to mention, his philanthropic and technological pursuits of late, which are literally LIFE-changing. Anywho, Ashton mentioned that he was visiting Atlanta because his wife, the lovely Mila Kunis, was filming a movie…which made me think, what’s filming in Atlanta right now? Aren’t we kind of a movie mecca? Yeah we are. Check it out below!

Georgia is #1

In FilmL.A.’s 2016 Feature Film Study, Georgia produced and released the greatest number of highest-performing U.S. feature films (17)—finishing ahead of competitors the U.K. (16), Canada (13), California (12), and Louisiana (12)! In fact, Atlanta kept the U.S. at the forefront of the world stage after U.S. film production fell from 67 to 57% this year. What does this mean? The peach state’s film industry is growing like a weed. Well duh, our state is…

1.     Beautiful → city, country, mountains, beach, lakes, etc.

2.     Temperate → not too hot, not too cold (okay, maybe a little too hot)

3.     Accessible → Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

4.     Built → established infrastructure, prepared for growth

which all led to the success of an ingenious tax credit launched by Gov. Nathan Deal in 2008. The incentive awards a 20 to 30% transferable tax credit to TV and film productions in Georgia. Can I get a “woot woot” for discounts!

In the few years since this incentive has been active, the economic impact of film on GA has risen 2000% from $260M to nearly $7B—meaning $4.2B in wages; 85,300 total jobs; and 25,700 direct jobs. Studios are popping up everywhere in and around Atlanta: Tyler Perry Studios, EUE/Screen Gems Studios, Eagle Rocks Studios ATL, Mailing Avenue Stageworks, Atlanta Filmworks, and more! Gov. Deal even organized a Georgia Film Academy to locally source talent and reduce production costs.

The Past.

You may recognize these movies or TV series, but did you know they were filmed in GA, or even Atlanta? Peruse this list of classics and recent releases native to our homeland.

Avengers: Infinity Year
Hidden Figures
Stranger Things
The Hunger Games
Vampire Desires

The Present.

Be on the lookout for star sightings this summer. Yes, you may actually see some stars in Atlanta, but they’d be movie stars (not the shiny ones). Like Ashton said, Mila will be around town. Here’s a list of movies filming over the summer…

Bad Mom’s Christmas
Darkest Minds
Halt and Catch Fire
The Pact
The War with Grandpa

In fact, if you want to tour the exact spots some of these movies, and more, were filmed? You can with Atlanta Movie Tours.

Move to the city where producers & movie stars are flocking. Clickscape can help you find a home away from the paparazzi.

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