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Neighborhood Focus: Lindridge-Martin Manor

Posted on 19, December 2011 by csadmin

Nestled next to I-85 where it births GA 400 is the neighborhood of Lindridge-Martin Manor.  In my opinion, it’s one of the best locations in the city; full disclosure:  I call LMM home.  The homes are unassuming and Cheshire Bridge Road is one of those places people love to hate or hate to love, but the combination of value, convenience and community spirit make LMM a great place to put down roots.

I’ll keep the history lesson short.  Like many communities in Atlanta, LMM came into being during the post-WWII housing boom.  As a late 1940s subdivision, it’s fairly typical.  Lots are large, and houses are modestly proportioned, typically one-story affairs.  The initial draw of the neighborhood was the proximity to newly constructed Buford Highway, which served as a major connecting thoroughfare before the completion of our current interstate network.

The residential portions of LMM are sited on either side of Lindbergh Drive (Lindridge is on the northern side and Martin Manor on the south), and the stretch of Cheshire Bridge Road from Faulkner Road to I-85 falls within the neighborhood’s boundaries.  The intersection of Lindbergh Drive/Lavista Road and CBR  provide neighborhood conveniences such as a Publix, movie theater, pet store, drug store, and a few restaurants. I feel a bit smug that I’m able to walk to these places during the afternoon rush hour when the area becomes gridlocked.

On the other side of I-85 is a smattering of big box stores like Target and Home Depot, and the Lindbergh MARTA Station provides a convenient transit option.  Owing to the proximity of Lenox and Piedmont Roads, LMM is wonderful for those who work and/or shop in Buckhead but don’t want to live in Buckhead.  You can almost feel the brain power emanating from nearby Emory University, and those darlings of intown living Morningside and Virginia Highland are easily accessible via “backdoor” connections.

The Lindbergh-Lavista Corridor Coalition, consisting of LMM along with nearby Lavista Park and Woodland Hills, was formed in 2005 with the task of creating an overall vision for the area, and the results can be seen in the master plan.  Residents of the three communities are hoping to preserve their mid-century streets while concentrating density in the appropriate nodes and adding to the area’s supply of green space.

Two transportation projects, the new I-85/GA 400 interchange and the Lindbergh-Emory transit link, are sure to keep residents occupied with planning meetings.  Changes will come as Lindridge-Martin Manor enters another decade, but the people who live here are committed to making sure their community comes out better than ever.

Prices typically range from the high $200s to $400,000.

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