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North Georgia Lake Primer: Lake Rabun

Posted on 10, August 2012 by csadmin


Lake Rabun is located in the northeast corner of Georgia in Rabun County. It’s about one and half hours from Atlanta by car; it’s the same travel time from Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC as well.


The lake measure 835 acres with only 25 miles of shoreline.


Lake Rabun was created relatively early as far as Georgia lakes go, with filling started in 1915. It follows the original path of the Tallulah River; it’s one in a string of five such lakes that were created for the purpose of supplying Atlanta with hydroelectricity. Because of its river-centric development, Lake Rabun has a windy character. Since at least the 1920s, the lake has been a favorite second home location for Atlanta’s movers and shakers. This legacy of well-to-do residents has continued to present day and has resulted in a carefully controlled, beautiful character surrounding Lake Rabun, in no small part due to the efforts of the Lake Rabun Association.


Part of what sets Lake Rabun apart from the other lakes we’ve looked at so far is its appearance. Its combination of age and a deep mountain setting gives it an almost Alpine look at times, as opposed to the shores red clay and pine trees at Lanier or Allatoona. Lake Rabun sees plenty of activity during the summer months. There’s a Fourth of July celebration that’s become a local tradition - every year there’s a parade of gorgeous wooden boats and a spectacular firework display. Another annual event that brings throngs to Lake Rabun is the Rabun Ramble, a 5k race that benefits local organizations. Hall’s Boathouse serves as a central gathering place, providing provisions for boaters, fishers, and the like. Surrounding the lake is a collection of waterfalls that make for perfect picnicking afternoons.

Real Estate

More than a few homes on Lake Rabun fall into the “over-the-top” category. As mentioned before, it’s long been a destination of the wealthy for decades; a favorite style is “luxurious lake lodge circa 1925.” With that said, prices don’t reach into the Lake Lanier stratosphere, as asking prices of more than seven figures are rare. The lower end of the market is also more modest, with smaller, older cabins available starting in the high $100s. Search for Lake Rabun homes.

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