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Our Favorite Places - Riverside

Our very own Client Engagement Coordinator Julia DeBruler became a homeowner in 2015 with the purchase of her Riverside home with her husband, Dan.  Julia and Dan collaborated on their list of their favorite things about their neighborhood.


To be honest, I ended up living in Riverside, Atlanta because my husband, Dan, was absolutely determined to own there. Dan attended Georgia Tech and became familiar with the upper west side of Atlanta during those years and really fell in love with the small town and it’s growing community. I knew that I couldn’t do our little town justice so I asked him what his favorite things about living in Riverside are. This is what he came up with:

1. Community: According to Dan the BEST part of living in Riverside is the community of neighbors. Coming from living in an apartment complex right outside the Perimeter we weren’t sure what to expect when we moved last March, but we instantly found ourselves surrounded by friendly families who worked & lived locally. Early on, one of our neighbors pointed out with a grin that only 2 houses on our street have garages and the rest of us would be forced to see each other each time we got in and out of our cars. After a year of living here I can confirm that he wasn’t wrong but  we wouldn’t change a thing- we love coming home to 5 or 6 people talking outside and kids playing. Our 3.5 year old daughter gets excited immediately when we turn onto our street and launches herself out of the car the moment we park to play with anyone around.

2. Yard Space: In keeping with the neighborly theme, Dan also made sure to mention that most of the houses we saw during our home search in the area offered a lot of yard space without being far away from your neighbors. We have a ton of space in our backyard but are also just a few feet away from the next house. 

3. Town History: Riverside is a small, old town and we love that you can see 100 years of history still in small traces. The town was named because of it’s close proximity to the Chattahoochee and was planted by the Spink family who owned a plantation on a large portion of the land years ago. Spink Street is still one of the main identifying roads and the cross section of Bolton and Hollywood Roads is still the center with restaurants and shops nearby. The city is growing with new shops and new construction of homes which makes us excited to see what it’ll look like as we grow with it.

4. Walkability: As parents of a 3.5 year old who claims she is “always bored” it’s great to be so close to Spinks Collins Park and Scott’s Crossing Library. During the spring and summer months we spend a lot of time walking around with a stroller and people are cautious with their cars as they drive. We love being able to take the afternoon at a park without the hassle of packing up a car, a stroller and then waiting the 15 minutes for our kid to “buckle herself” in. 

5. Location: Obviously anyone living and commuting in Atlanta is going to take note of traffic patterns and the general proximity of their home to the city. Riverside is situated in such a way that it gives easy access to Southwest Midtown, Smyrna, Vinings and Buckhead. Or, as Dan put it, “we’re on the confluence of some major surface thoroughfares”.

Editors Note: When prompted, Dan said the real reason he loves living in Riverside because Julia is there. Cue the "Awws"!!


photo courtesy of Riverside Neighborhood Association

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