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Over-the-Top-Property of the Day: Back to the Eighties North of Chastain Park

It’s always fun when a listing catches you off guard. There you are, perusing photos of a not-so-unusual $1,799,999 dollar home, and then BAM - where did that come from? Such is the case with this 1989 contemporary off Mount Paran Road not too far north of Chastain Park. But we won’t let the secret out just yet. First, let’s take a look at what fancy schmancy Atlanta real estate looked at the end of one of our cheesiest decades.

During the 1980s, Atlanta gained high marks for the new High Museum building designed by Richard Meier. City boosters won’t hesitate to say it was one of the signature buildings of that decade - I mean hey, it was pictured on a postage stamp! Meier’s bright white, often square forms were a key Postmodern look and everything from small additions to entire mansions acquired the aesthetic, including this one. Consider that your history lesson for the day.

3 Misty Ridge peeks out from behind a wall, which is kind of odd considering the already secluded location. It makes more sense when you realize that the home’s pool is inside this enclosure; I suppose the home’s steep rear lot necessitated this unusual configuration. Inside there aren't too many surprises. Plenty of windows let in copious amounts of light and allow views of the leafy terrain Mount Paran is known for. I wonder how big the budget was for can lights - they're everywhere! The mezzanine level is an neat touch that reflects the era's obsession with loft architecture. Luckily, it looks like the kitchen was recently renovated; 1989 kitchens aren't known for their visual wonders. All this is leading up to the home's coolest feature: a full fledged nightclub! At least, it could be with the right people. Glowy lighting, slick furniture, a full bar, and wall projectors complete the Miami Vice scene. Maybe you could rent it out for Sweet Sixteens? Or maybe it's the space referred to in the listing as being large enough to fit 25 cars? Nevertheless, it's strong evidence that the Northside crowd really knows how to throw down.

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