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Over-the-Top Property of the Week: A $10,000,000 Mini-Hotel in Buckhead's Tuxedo Park

Posted on 15, August 2012 by csadmin

If you're gonna one of the most expensive listings in Atlanta's ritziest neighborhood, you better bring the goods. It's safe to say 435 Kings Road in Tuxedo Park does just that. The 2010 beauty is practically dripping in every luxurious amenity imaginable, and it manages to do so in great style. Even if the updated English manor look isn't your favorite thing, you'd be hard pressed to deny that this one impresses with its elevated position and flight of stairs to real estate heaven. Let's have a look inside, shall we?


Sometimes houses can be exorbitantly priced but judging from the pictures you don't get the sense that the value's there. Sure, it's a great location and a ton of room, but is it something you'd be proud to pass on to your kids? The builders of 435 Kings seemed to have had this scenario in mind with the construction of this house - it's obvious this place was designed and built to the highest standards. Something as simple as a plain white wall becomes extraordinary when it's expertly rounded or constructed with an extra thickness, as you can see throughout the home. Check out the way the stairwell's chandelier is affixed to the ceiling: the chain disappears into a beautifully sculpted recess that's frankly something we've never seen. It's not the only detail that defies off-the-shelf architecture. Instead of massive reclaimed beams in the great ceiling, you get delicate iron tie rods. Sliding barn doors are a rustic touch leading to an otherwise polished bathroom. How about that sinfully curved niche that houses the master bath's tub? Heck, even the fact that a cat made it into one of the pictures is a little unorthodox!

This being a member of the Eight Figure Club, the in-home entertainment options are plentiful. You're not buying a house, you're purchasing a mini-hotel. His and her bathrooms are common in this strata of housing, but how about separate fitness rooms? After doing some body maintenance, head to the sauna to sweat to the last drop, then cool off in the cavernous pool finished with walls of what look like calcified terry cloth. The lounge area with pool table is the polar opposite of the usual basement rec room: think lacquered walls of exotic wood, glass, and polished chrome, plus a bar worthy of James Bond. The indoor goodies continue with a virtual golf practice room, full basketball court, and the obligatory theatre. Out back is a fabulous pool accompanied by an uber-luxurious pool house, complete with flip down flatscreen. As regular real estate browsers we see a lot of impressive listings, but this one stands out in the Atlanta market. Next time you see a rainbow over Buckhead, rest assured its end is centered over this beauty.

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