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Over-The-Top-Property of the Week: Living Large in Rittenhouse Square

Posted on 09, May 2012 by csadmin

2023 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 - $3,350,000

We’re having a little too much fun salivating over the extraordinary real estate listings of Philadelphia.  We won’t be wanting for Over-the-Top-Properties any time soon, that’s for sure.  With plenty to choose from, it seemed like 2023 Locust Street, the Lippincott Mansion, would be a great place to start.  This regal urban manor has graced the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood since 1897 with an austere facade of tan brick and stone.  Most recently serving as a bed and breakfast, it could just as easily house impressive offices or a fantastically elegant abode.  $3,350,000 isn’t junk change, but if you transported this home to the best streets of the Upper East Side you’d be guaranteed the addition of another zero.  Think of the deal!

The Gilded Age was a time of uninhibited opulence, and the Lippincott Mansion is no exception in that era’s attitude.  The exterior is somewhat restrained, but detailed and composed in a way that says, “Yeah, we’ve got a horseless buggy and electric lights!”  The difference between that and our own “Real Housewives” variety of showing off is the craftsmanship.  As cliche as it sounds, they just don’t build like this anymore.

Mahogany woodwork in the common room, Brazilian rosewood in the lounge; elaborately carved mantles inset with bronze detailing; and oodles of stained glass throughout add up to an extravaganza of eye candy.  It's got one of those vertigo-inducing staircases from which you can't help but imagine a dramatic plunge.  Not to mention, the place is sort of huge:  9 bedrooms, 5 full and 2 half baths for a total of around 10,000 square feet.  The facade is described as being double wide, which is just as important in Philadelphia as it is in Mississippi.  We kid!

If you’re going to live well in Philly, there are few better choices than the vicinity of Rittenhouse Square.  It’s truly one of America’s urban jewels; since at least the mid-19th century an address in its vicinity has denoted prestige. The greenspace itself is an ideal spot for strolling and people watching, and it also plays host to a yearly lineup of flower markets and art exhibitions.  Surrounding the square are chic apartment buildings, hotels, and upscale restaurants and shopping.  How could you go wrong?

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