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Over-The-Top-Property of the Week: Saintly Digs in Morristown, NJ

Posted on 16, May 2012 by csadmin

When it comes to luxury real estate, there’s special, and then there’s over-the-top. This Moorestown, NJ listing fits comfortably into the latter category, with its architectural mashup, beautiful setting, and incomparable interiors. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around where the old ends and the new begins. Since the listing offers little in the way of background, it’s hard to tell how the religious touches fit into the overall scheme of things. Were they incorporated from a historic conversion, or are they new features installed by an especially devout homeowner? Let’s call it the “Mystery in Moorestown.”

The six bed, three bath home occupies a beautiful eight acre spread along the Rancocas Creek that includes lush lawns, a generous flagstone terrace, and a beautiful pool. The view across the creek (are they sure it's not a river?) displays a similarly serene vista, leading one to question exactly why New Jersey gets such a bad rap. Oh, that's right, "Jersey Shore." Let's talk about the house itself; no exact date is given, but the listing describes it as a 19th century estate. You get a completely different impression depending on which view of the structure you're given. There's a slate-roofed Second Empire section with a great porch that we'll assume is the oldest component. The front facade is something we've never before encountered: read from left to right it's composed of a columned portico, a fairy tale French Normandy tower, and a quasi-Italianate wing replete with Gothic stained glass windows. Is this starting to sound like a glossary yet?

Inside, the original section retains its plaster moldings and gleaming South Jersey red pine floors. It's in the newer addition that things start to get, shall we say, unorthodox. For starters, there's an all out chapel that sets the tone for the rest of the house with its religious windows and classical details. Did we mention its domed ceiling inset with a massive chandelier worthy of a Trump-anything? The two story great room possibly gives away the intent of whoever designed this unique specimen: it gives the feeling of a converted church. You could certainly hold some kind of service with all the multiple seating areas at your disposal. The kitchen received the ecclesiastical treatment in the form of arches galore and gilded details, but honestly the creek view is the real showstopper. Even if the eventual buyer doesn't care for some of the more custom touches, the idyllic surroundings might be enough to make one overlook an altar or two.

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