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Peachtree City's Got A Great Reputation

What is it about Peachtree City?

Although for decades attention has been lavished on Atlanta's northern 'burbs, Peachtree City would take on Woodstock or Alpharetta any day.  Peachtree City's got every amenity they have, plus the nation's #1 addiction to golf carts.  Bring it on.

This southside suburb continues to rack up awards for its quality of life. The most recent accolade  comes from Money magazine, which ranked PTC as the 91st best place to live in the US of A.  This isn't the first time the city's appeared on their list; twice it's come in at at 8th.  This is in addition to recognition from Businessweek and Newsmax for its well roundedness.  Oh wait, and the "2nd Best Family Town in America" award from Family Circle Magazine. get the picture.

To understand this Fayette County showoff, you need to go back to the 1957.  This is when the initial plans surfaced for 9,000 acres of nothing 28 miles south of downtown Atlanta (the development now encompasses 15,500 acres).  Peachtree City was to be composed of self-sufficient "villages", each with its own shopping center, recreation facilities, and elementary schools.  The master plan was also ecologically sensitive in that it respected the creek system and provided space for the now famous 90 miles of trails that now buzz with bikers, joggers, and golfcarts.

After a sluggish period during the 1970s, Peachtree City has grown to 35,900 residents.  The original plans have been revised over the decades, allowing for a less dense landscape, but aesthetics are still as tightly controlled as you'd expect in a master planned community.  In fact, some people say it resembles Hilton Head without the palm trees.

More bragging rights include Fayette County's standing as Georgia's best school system when it comes to SAT, CRCT, and ITBS scores.  In particular, McIntosh High and Starrs Mill High School are known for their academic achievements.  Fayette County also consistently ranks as one of Georgia's most affluent counties, in addition to its reputation for safety.  If this is all starting to sound a little Stepford to you, keep in mind that some people refer to Peachtree City as being in its own little bubble.  It's an apt description.

As mentioned, shopping is accomplished at the villages, and also at an Avenue shopping center.  And yes, you'll see plenty of golf courts puttering around, whether it's highschoolers on the way to class, people picking up groceries, or even police on patrol.  For recreation, there's three golf courses, three lakes, and the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater with its summer concert series.

As far as housing is concerned, there's a wide range of options as long as you're looking for single family homes.  Townhomes and condos are the exception here.  Peachtree City homes include vintage houses from the 1970s which can be had for the mid-$100s on the lower end, and  exclusive lakeside communities with million dollar residences on the upper.  The AJC  puts Peachtree City's median home sales price at $255,200.

Zip codes: 30269, 30270

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