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Pin Me, I'm Dreaming: Our 5 Favorite Home Decor Boards

Go ahead and make yourself a cup of coffee, grab a blanket, and snuggle up on the couch. Oh, and be sure to cancel your morning plans because you're about to get lost in the Pinterest world of home decor galore. Out of the overwhelming hundreds and thousands of boards and pins in your news feed, we've gathered a combination of critically acclaimed boards and our personal favorites. Before you know it, you'll have the app open pinning these links and photos in carpool line, on the treadmill (maybe not the safest option), on the sidelines of a little league baseball game, and when you're supposed to be checking email.

iloveyouso(27)all photos from Pinterest

Intriguing Interiors: Bright Bazaar, famous fashion, food, interior, and traveling blogger, brings you over 4,000 beautiful pins to explore. Whether you are looking for ways to implement the current summer color trends, want to spice up your neutral toned furniture, or are thinking about remodeling your floors, this board is pure gold. You won’t be the first one to follow it (he currently has over 2.5 million followers), but if you want interior inspiration that is thoroughly researched for you, you are in the right place.
T h e L i l y p a d(2)
Home Decor: Modern meets Boho and Cozy meets Bright. If you’re a lover of all things neutral, natural, bohemian, wooden, and green, you are going to go bananas over this nesting board. And, if you’ve never been one to have a green thumb, you will have one with this style! Moorea Seal masters the art of succulents, denim floor pillows, marble and brass interiors, bull skull wall decor, and white linens.
Dwell: If you want to follow one person with a little bit of everything when it comes to interior decorating or you just don't know what you quite want, dwell on this board. Paula Coop McCrory explores the world of minimalist masterpieces, colorful industrial chic, and organic patio’s, and whether you have a modern studio apartment or rustic farmhouse, this board has something for your home.
T h e L i l y p a d(5)
Interiors I Dream Of: I have two words for you: Modern and Color. Christine Loya has gathered the most exquisite examples of modern pieces with wild pops of color. If you want your home to truly be one of a kind, this design is inherently unique with its many different shapes, shades, and textures. "Interiors I Dream Of" will soon become Interiors You Dream Of with the variety of abstract paintings, bright pillows, funky chandeliers, colorful cabinets, vibrant rugs, and fluffy throws.
T h e L i l y p a d(9)
Decorate: Soft and chic, Lauren Conrad has gathered the daintiest neutrals to make your dream home cozy and feminine. Whether its a very light shade on the walls, organization for your desk, prints above the couch, or simply the flowers in your kitchen, a touch of (very) light pink is bound to be somewhere in your home. And before you take this off your list because "pink" was mentioned, I promise you don't have to be a girly girl to like this style.

Let's find your dream home first and then decorate accordingly. Start your search today.

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