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Real Estate Unicorns

Spring is coming in Atlanta.  That means warmer weather, blooming blossoms and growing grass. Spring also brings the busiest season for real estate sales. With more buyers on the market, demand for inventory goes up as well.  We've identified three hard to find homes this year in Atlanta and dubbed them this year's "Real Estate Unicorns".


Four Sided Brick Ranch


Four Side Brick Ranch: This unicorn of real estate is extremely sought after this year in Atlanta. Design trends are throwing back to the 70's with the resurgence of mid-century modern styles, which aligns with the bones of ranch houses, and many baby boomer homeowners are interested in ranch houses for the ease of living without stairs.


Four Sided Brick Ranch (1)

Three Bedroom Condos: The condo market in Atlanta has exploded in the last few years. With the renaissance of Intown Atlanta, there is a new condo development in newly every neighborhood. Many of these developments max out at two bedrooms, leaving three bedroom condos to be an elusive commodity.


Four Sided Brick Ranch

Underwood Hills Bungalows: The westside is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Atlanta, and Underwood Hills is within walking distance. The inventory of homes, especially under $350,000, go extremely quickly in that neighborhood.


Do you own a Real Estate Unicorn? Now might be a good time to sell- click here to connect with an agent about what your home with worth! 

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